History of Updates - What has changed?

Taken a break from the game and wondering what has changed while you were away or curious as to when changes were introduced? Check a summarised timeline of key changes for updates below.

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The list below is in reverse chronological order (newest at the top):

September 2019

  • Golem DPS adjusted to be 5x DPS of Golemites (DPS decrease at levels 1-3, increase at levels 5-9), Golemite HP increased and Golem Level 8 & 9 (TH12) now spawn 3 Golemites instead of 2.
  • Dragon HP increased at levels 5-7 (TH10, TH11 & TH12)
  • Valkyrie HP increased at level 7 (TH12)
  • Hog Rider HP decreased at level 9 (TH12)
  • Hog Glider HP decreased at level 18 (BH9)
  • Inferno Tower DPS reduced for single target mode at levels 2 & 3 (TH10)
  • Hidden Tesla HP increased at level 10 (TH12)
  • Mortar HP increased at level 12 (TH12)

June 2019

  • Builder Hall 9 introduced, bringing us the Lava Launcher, Hog Glider and O.T.T.O, freeing up the Master Builder to optionally join the Home Village as a 6th builder.
  • Operation Blue Skies - Rework of the Legends League to fix “the clouds” within the higher leagues.
  • Practice mode - A tutorial mode that guides players through troop and spell deployments with some example armies and attacks at their current Town Hall level and the next one.
  • New Hero levels: Barbarian King level 65, Archer Queen level 65 & Grand Warden level 40.
  • New Spell levels: Rage level 6 (TH12), Poison level 6 (TH12), Earthquake level 5 (TH11), Haste level 5 (TH11) and Skeleton level 6 (TH12).
  • Earthquake Spell rework to offer increased radius per level.
  • Skeleton Spell rework to give the spawned skeletons shields that protect them, requiring two hits to destroy each skeleton, similar to the Guards in Clash Royale. A reduced number of skeletons are spawned per level as a result.
  • Addition of Golem level 9 for TH12.
  • Addition of Mortar level 12 for TH12.
  • Level 13 wall limit removed (final 50 pieces can be upgraded).
  • Ability to share village layouts via a link within Clan Chat or externally via third party applications/websites.
  • New 3D model for the Grand Warden to add support for skins earnt from Season Challenges.
  • The level 6 Inferno Tower has had a visual rework.
  • Season Bank changed to only increment by the amount of loot you receive from an attack. Previously it would increase by the total resources looted even if you didn’t receive them due to your storages being full.
  • A 7 day cooldown has been introduced in the League Show when purchasing each Magic Hammer. Each Magic Hammer has its own timer, so you can purchase one of each every 7 days.
  • Prestige medals are awarded to Builder Base players with trophy counts above 4000 at the end of the season when they are reset to 4000, similar to Legend Trophies from the Legend League. At launch, these were calculated back to include previous season resets.

April 2019

  • Season Challenges - Personal daily and monthly challenges with more rewards.
  • New Troop levels - Hog Rider level 9, Witch level 5 and Ice Golem level 5
  • New Structure levels - Archer Tower level 17 and Cannon level 17
  • Witch level 3 now available at TH10 and Witch level 4 now available at TH11
  • Reduction in costs and times for TH10 and below to help players upgrade faster.
  • Addition of 30 vs 30 CWL leagues. This doesn’t affect the 15 v 15 leagues.
  • Changes to the CWL reward structure to encourage more competitive play.
  • New 3D models for Barbarian King and Archer Queen to enable use of skins earnt from Season Challenges.
  • Traps and defences (X-Bows, Inferno Towers and the Eagle Artillery) will be automatically rearmed/reloaded for free when you log back in to Clash of Clans.
  • The Magic Item Inventory button is moving from the Clan Castle to the Town Hall/Builder Hall to help reduce clutter when tapping on the Clan Castle.
  • Leaders and co-leaders will be able to remove troops from other clan members war clan castles to make correcting donation mistakes easier.
  • Better builder suggestions on the Builder menu.
  • If a Clan’s Leader has been inactive for 90 days, the Leader title will be assigned to the most senior Co-Leader in the Clan. This is determined by who has been Co-Leader the longest without interruption. If no Co-Leaders are present then Leader is passed to the most senior Elder.
  • Dark clouds when searching for multiplayer opponents that can be enabled within the settings menu, great for when playing in dark rooms or when wishing to reduce brightness.
  • Update to Archer Queen and Grand Warden AI to path better with Jump Spells and destroyed walls.

February 2019

  • Increase of X-Bow and Mortar DPS and a decrease of Cannon and Archer Tower DPS.
  • Increase of Barbarian and Goblin HP due to defence changes (stealth Barbarian King boost).
  • Eagle Artillery fixed to allow it to be attacked from the same range as other structures (previously they needed to be 1 tile closer).

January 2019

  • Level 13 wall limit increased to 250 (from 200).

December 2018

  • Addition of the Ice Golem for TH11+.
  • Addition of the Bat Spell for TH10+.
  • Addition of the Stone Slammer, a new Siege Machine for TH12.
  • Additional war base layouts can be purchased for 1000,1500 and 2000 gems respectively.
  • Siege Machine/Grand Warden mode can be changed after the battle has begun but before they have been deployed.

October 2018

  • Addition of Clan War Leagues, a 7 day tournament each month where your clan goes up against 7 others.
  • Addition of a new currency: League Medals. There are earnt from Clan War Leagues and can be used to purchase Hammers.
  • Hammers work in a similar manner to existing Magic Items, however they also cover the resource cost of the upgrade as well as instantly completing it.
  • Addition of 25 new single player Goblin maps.
  • Level 13 wall limit increased to 200 (from 100).

June 2018

  • TH12 introduced, adding the Giga Tesla, Electro Dragon and Siege Machines.
  • Upgrade time reduction at lower levels (up to 50%)
  • Ability to change your name more than once with gems.
  • Ability to set the Clan Castle to sleep mode so that troops don’t defend your village when it is attacked.
  • Addition of a button to copy base layouts from clanmates that are +1 or -1 level from your own.
  • All structures need to have been constructed (but not fully upgraded) before you can upgrade your Town Hall

April 2018

  • To celebrate 4 years of Clan Wars, additional Clan War tools added allowing people to add notes to an enemy village and claim targets.

March 2018

  • Addition of Builder Hall 8 with the Super P.E.K.K.A and Mega Tesla.
  • Introduction of The Trader, offering 3 special offers per day allowing magic items to be purchased with gems.
  • Level 12 wall limit removed to allow all walls to be upgraded (from a limit of 125).

February 2018

  • Native support for iPhone X added.

December 2017

  • Introducing Clan Games and Magic Items.
  • Complete challenges with your clan mates and earn powerful rewards that allow upgrades to be instantly completed.
  • Level 12 wall limit increased to 125 (from 100).

October 2017

  • It’s now possible to have friendly battles with clanmates for the Builder Base.
  • The friends list now shows if they are online.
  • You can spectate attacks of your friends.
  • When searching for clans, active clans will be suggested for you.
  • Level 12 wall limit increased to 100 (from 75).

September 2017

  • Addition of Builder Hall 7 with the Drop Ship and Giant Cannon

June 2017

  • Addition of Builder Hall 6 with the Night Witch and Roaster

May 2017

  • Addition of the Builder Base, a new village with different game mechanics that can be played alongside the home village.
  • Addition of the ability to gear up certain defences on the home village to add new characteristics.

January 2017

  • Level 12 wall limit increased to 75 (from 50).

December 2016

  • Barbarian King and Archer Queen max levels increased to 45 with cost reductions for lower levels (31-40 and 26-40 respectively).
  • Level 12 walls introduced for TH11 (limit of 50 pieces).
  • Events introduced, offering reduced troop training costs and rewards for completing challenges.

October 2016

  • Introduction of the Bomb Tower at TH8+.
  • Addition of friendly wars allowing clans to arrange their own wars.
  • Army training revamp, instead of 4 separate training queues for barracks, there is one large queue with calculated training times. It is also possible to train army presets with a single button press.
  • Clash Friends allows you to add other players to your friends list.
  • Reduction of a number of upgrade cost and times.

May 2016

  • Introduction of the Baby Dragon (TH9+), Miner (TH10+), Clone Spell (TH10+) and Skeleton Spell (TH9+).
  • Bowlers reduced from 8 troop space to 6.
  • Friendly Challenges added. Test your village designs by allowing clan mates to attack them without their troops being consumed.

March 2016

  • Introduction of the Bowler to TH10+.
  • Valkyrie behaviour updated to make her attack faster.
  • Battle time limit reduced back to 3 minutes (from 3:30 changed in December 2015).
  • Poison Spell updated so that idle troops move out of the spell area. Prior to this, it was possible to lure the defending Clan Castle troops and deploy a Poison Spell on them to take them out.
  • War matchmaking updated to take into account defence strength as well as offensive strength. Clan win streaks/win-loss ratios also taken into account.

January 2016

  • Major update to looting mechanics with introduction of the Treasury, Loot Cart and Daily Star Bonus.
  • Clan Castles now houses the treasury, a safer loot storage that replaces the War Loot Storage.
  • The Treasury capacity is determined by Town Hall level and clan perks instead of Clan Castle level.
  • The Loot Cart appears in your Village after each defence and contains 20% of the lost resources.
  • If a Loot Cart is already present in your village, it’s resource values will be increased if a subsequent defence would be worth more than the current values.
  • Collecting the Loot Cart will add the resources back into your main storages.
  • The Daily Star Bonus is awarded each day for winning 5 stars from multiplayer battles with higher leagues offering greater rewards.
  • A new Daily Star Bonus is available each day and will roll over once, allowing you to get 2 bonuses back to back if the previous days bonus wasn’t achieved.
  • Eagle Artillery updated to deal 3x damage to Golems and Golemites.

December 2015

  • TH11 introduced.
  • Grand Warden and Eagle Artillery added at TH11.
  • It is now possible to request spells with your Clan Castle troop requests.
  • Updates to the Shield system to allow attacking through the shield [link to shield guard article]
  • Battle time limit increased by 30 seconds to 3 minutes 30 seconds.

September 2015

  • Total destruction now acts as a tiebreaker in the event of two clans scoring the same number of stars in a Clan War.

July 2015

  • Addition of the Dark Spell Factory, available at TH8.
  • Introduces the Poison Spell, Earthquake Spell and Haste Spell.
  • Introduction of Titan League and Legends League above Champions League.

April 2015

  • Addition of the Air Sweeper, available at TH6.
  • There is now an army preview screen before each war attack to ensure your army is ready before you attack.
  • Matchmaking improvements to try and match players at or close to your Town Hall level and for Clan War matches compensate for high level walls, heroes, traps etc.

February 2015

  • Addition of Clan experience to level up your clan.
  • Clan Perks from experience include Clan ability to request Clan Castle Troops more frequently, ability to donate more troops at a time, receive refunds for donated troops, upgraded donated troop levels and increased Clan War loot storage.

December 2014

  • Addition of the Layout Editor to allow players to save multiple layouts for Home Village and War Base.
  • Ability to watch the attack live while your village is being attacked.
  • Upgrading walls with Elixir is now only available for Walls level 9 and up.
  • Addition of the first Dark Elixir Drill available at TH7.
  • Addition of the second Dark Elixir Drill available at TH8.

October 2014

  • Skeleton Trap introduced at TH8.
  • Ability to specify more details about your clan such as war frequency and location as well as new filters on the clan search tab.

September 2014

  • Introduction of the Lava Hound at TH9.
  • Walls level 6 and up can now be upgraded with Elixir instead of Gold.

July 2014

  • Hero updates to make them smarter. It’s now no longer possible to lure them to the edge of the map. Their abilities now include a damage increase and health recovery. Rage Spells now have less effect on heroes. The Barbarian King now fulfils a tank and the Archer Queen a damage dealer.
  • Jump Spell updated to allow all troops to use it rather than just the troops it was deployed on.
  • Valkyrie behaviour updated so that they change position to be in between structures when attacking.

May 2014

  • Separate war base and farming bases introduced to allow different layouts to be used for each.

April 2014

  • Clan Wars! The largest update to Clash of Clans to add a competitive mode between clans.
  • Clan Castle updated to store Clan War loot.

January 2014

  • The Barbarian King and Archer Queen both receive their special abilities.
  • Addition of the Co-leader role to allow other players to assist with leader privileges.
  • Introduction of gem boxes and obstacle growth to allow players to receive gems from clearing them.

December 2013

  • New multi target mode added to the Inferno Tower and healing is blocked by troops targeted by it.
  • Percentage reduction for loot available when attacking a lower Town Hall level.

November 2013

  • Reworked traps - Traps can be reloaded rather than having to be replaced each time.

September 2013

  • Addition of the Village Edit Mode to help with village design and building placement

July 2013

  • Introduction of the Witch

June 2013

  • Addition of the Freeze Spell
  • Addition of level 11 walls for TH10.
  • Second Inferno Tower and third X-Bow added for TH10.

May 2013

  • Town Hall 10 introduced
  • Inferno Tower added for TH10
Read more - The Inferno Tower

April 2013

  • Golem added
  • Introduction of leagues (Up to Champions) with loot bonuses for each victory.

March 2013

  • Dark Barracks and Dark Elixir Troops added (Minions, Hog Riders & Valkyries)

February 2013

  • Leaderboards added
  • Air Bomb and Seeking Air Mine introduced
  • P.E.K.K.A now takes additional damage from Hidden Teslas

January 2013

  • Heroes Introduced: Barbarian King and Archer Queen added
  • Dark Elixir introduced
  • Dark Elixir Storage available at TH7 and Dark Elixir Drill available at TH8
  • Second X-Bow added to TH9
  • Level 9 and 10 walls added for TH9

October 2012

  • Town Hall 9 Introduced
  • X-Bow and Jump Spell added.
  • Ability to set a required trophy level for your clan in order for people to apply.
  • Reduced loot available when attacking a player with a lower level Town Hall (2 levels or more)

September 2012

  • Spells introduced
  • Replays for attacks added

August 2012

  • Clash of Clans is released World Wide
  • Maximum Town Hall Level: 8