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The October 2023 update is live

Posted: Thursday 12 October 2023

The October 2023 update for Clash of Clans adds the Goblin Mines Capital District. This includes new Capital Troops: Mega Sparky and Super Miner, new Capital Spell: Endless Haste, new Capital Defense: Goblin Thrower and New Capital Trap: Spear Trap.


Clan Capital

New District - Goblin Mines

This is a new Clan Capital District that is available once the Capital Hall is upgraded to level 9. This district has a distinctive layout with mountains, rivers and minecart tracks.

Once this district is available, you will be able to unlock Mega Sparky (new Capital Troop), Super Miner (new Capital Troop), Endless Haste (new Capital Spell) and Goblin Thrower (new Capital Defense).

New Capital Troop - Mega Sparky

A sluggish ground unit that attacks using a slow charging blast of electricity with splash damage

  • Fav Target: Defenses
  • Housing: 100
  • Speed: 8

Unlocked in Goblin Mines district by repairing the Mega Sparky Workshop


New Capital Troop - Super Miner

He travels underground (including underwater) and attacks using his power tool. Upon destruction, detonates a bomb.

  • Fav Target: None
  • Housing: 25
  • Speed: 24

Unlocked in Goblin Mines district by repairing the Barracks.


New Capital Spell - Endless Haste

Troops passing through the spell area receive a speed boost that lasts for the rest of the attack.

  • Duration: 4 attacks
  • Housing: 3

Unlocked in the Goblin Mines district by repairing the Spell Factory.

New Capital Defense - Goblin Thrower

The Goblin Thrower is appropriately named, as it defends by throwing Goblins at nearby attacking troops. Each barrel contains 3 Spear Goblins with 5 barrels available per Goblin Thrower. The Spear Goblins will attack both ground and air targets. If a Goblin Thrower is destroyed before releasing all 5 barrels, they are immediately released.


New Capital Trap - Spear Trap

The Spear Trap triggers when offensive units move within 10 tiles of it, launching a barrage of spears at both ground and air units. It requires a minimum housing space of 8 to trigger.

Work for Hire Event

This event enables hiring Goblins to carry out an additional builder upgrade and an additional research task within the lab. They can be hired using Gems, with the cost being calculated based on the length of the upgrade. The resources for the upgrade are still required and the upgrade duration remains the same.


Balance Changes

  • Builder Base Raged Barbarian HP increased for levels 15-20
    • Level 15 & 16: 119 -> 120
    • Level 17 & 18: 126 -> 128
    • Level 19 & 20: 133 -> 136
  • Builder Base Drop Ships now target Defenses instead of targeting the nearest Building.
  • Drop Ship hit points increased by 21%
  • Drop Ship ability radius increased by 0.5 tiles
  • Builder Base Baby Dragon’s activated ability has been adjusted to scale down its damage from 0-20% depending on the distance to the target.
  • Builder Base Night Witch HP increased by 11%.
  • Builder Base Night Witch summon cooldown reduced by 0.8 seconds.
  • Battle Machine’s ability now deactivates after 2 hits.

Additional Game Changes/Quality of Life Improvements

  • The Troop info screens have been drastically improved to provide easier to read information, easier access to unit stats, and really cool preview animations of each unit and their abilities! Check them out and let us know what you think!
  • If your Village is "rushed", attempting to upgrade your Town Hall will give you a notification recommending you upgrade your offensive abilities. While this pop up does not prevent you from upgrading your Town Hall, this serves as a notification that attacking after upgrading your Town Hall may be more difficult if your offensive capabilities aren’t upgraded enough yet.
  • Events now have a dedicated UI button for increased visibility.

Clan Capital changes

  • Capital Hall 8-10 upgrade requirements have been increased due to the addition of low cost neutral buildings in Skeleton Park and Goblin Mines
  • Storage for Capital Gold increased to 35K
  • Capital Jump Spell reduced to 1 Housing Space
  • Clan Elders can now initiate Capital Raids
  • Capital base links!
  • Capital Raid replays can be viewed from the Raid Weekend Leaderboard

Research UI improved

  • The Research tooltip will show suggested research options along with their upgrade costs.
  • If you have research currently in progress in your Laboratory, starting another upgrade will give you a Gem cost prompt to complete the current upgrade, similar to if all of your Builders are busy.

VFX Improvements

  • Updated “pop” effect when Troops are returned to their “Elixir state” at the end of battle.
  • Smoke effects use new particle that dissipates faster with less gameplay occlusion.
  • All Buildings have a new “destroyed” state, including better color matching for Town Halls and Walls.
  • Three new Goblin-themed sceneries replace the previous backgrounds used in the Single Player Maps.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Clan Castle deployment speed bug if your CC had 8-9 Troops has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue where Traps could occasionally target units that had already been eliminated.
  • Personal Break Timer was removed from the Shield Menu since Personal Breaks have been removed.
  • Tapping on the Choose Reinforcement button when requesting Reinforcements will no longer cause an occasional crash.
  • Crash when confirming Super Troop boost should no longer occur after the Super Troop window is closed.
  • Scenery should no longer cause some visual glitching when previewing a Scenery while the Chat tab is open.
  • Fixed an issue with placement hint (“Tap or press and hold to deploy Troops”) text position when using two row deployment bar while tapping on invalid deployment position.
  • Buttons and text in practice levels should no longer be displaced on some foldable mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue where attack results would be cut off on some foldable mobile devices.
  • Correct swap icon for Builder Base Heroes during attack preparation will be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where Builder Base Star Bonus Gold and Elixir were deducted from the HUD when Storages were full.
  • Fixed vertical alignment of text on player action menu button.
  • Fixed attack log “Share Replay” button text vertical alignment.
  • Fixed Quick Train create/edit and train button vertical text alignment.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Miner’s dig effect to appear on top of Walls.
  • Prevent Builder from teleporting to a location when assigned a task while jumping over Walls.
  • Occasional crash caused by opening multiple unit info screens in the Builder Base training screen is fixed.
  • Guidance arrow is now hidden when opening a full-screen pop-up.
  • Fixed an issue where changing Cannon Cart’s ability modes while in mid-air due to a Push Trap would prevent it from resetting the unit to its original position.
  • Fixed wrong ground color of Builder Base stage 2 obstacles.
  • Fixed stats text that would overlap the descriptive text of Earthquake Spell.
  • Fixed Chain Lightning being slowed down or interrupted caused by the Troop becoming stunned or frozen.
  • Enemy map in the Clan War tutorial will no longer show as empty.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when scouting your own base in the Clan War tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with spectator count if a player reconnects their account with a different device that would cause the spectator count to not decrease.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Super Archers to miss their targets if they are too close.
  • Fixed an issue causing Log Traps to not face the correct orientation when copying a layout from one slot to another.
  • Fixed an issue to show offers showing up twice in the Shop UI.
  • Fixed order of Gem popups for upgrading Heroes as well as repairing Buildings, to be consistent with other Builder tasks where it would ask to buy missing resources before asking to finish an ongoing task when both insufficient resources and not enough Builders are available for a task.

Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker

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