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Clash of Clans Upgrade Tracker

What is the Upgrade Tracker?

Think you have fully upgraded your Clash of Clans village only to find more upgrades you had missed? Got full gold and elixir storages but no builder available for another 5 days?

The Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker allows you to keep track of what your builders are upgrading and your lab is researching in Clash of Clans. This allows you to see what upgrades are remaining for your Town Hall and Builder Hall level. You can also plan out your builder queues to help avoid not having builders free when you need them.


Our Upgrade Tracker can do a lot:

  • Track upgrades for both the Home Village and Builder Base
  • Supports TH1 to TH16, BH1 to BH10 and includes the April 2024 update
  • Updated for B.O.B and 6th builder support
  • Support for Season Boost cost and time reductions
  • Supports multiple Villages
  • Builder and Lab timeline planner to plan out your upgrade path
  • Push notifications for completed upgrades and when magic items of interest are on offer from the Trader
  • Ability to share your progress with others.
  • Fully responsive and compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Web based so you can log in anywhere with a browser and internet connection
  • Free!

Ready to get started?

Great, click the link below to create an account and add your first village:

Village Overview
Your village overview (click to enlarge)
Upgrade Planner
Plan your future upgrades with the builder and lab planner (click to enlarge)

You Village Overview

Keep track of your current upgrades and see what else still requires upgrading.

Builder Planner

Plan out your upgrades to keep your builders busy and organised.