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What is Builder Base 2.0?

The initial version of the Builder Base was introduced in the May 2017 update and introduced a second village using a number of existing mechanics from the home base, but also introducing some new ones. In May 2023, the village received a major overhaul to address areas that the team felt could be improved.

Why did it need to be reworked?

To quote Stuart, the Clash of Clans Game Lead:

"We've heard and agree with your feedback that the current Builder Base doesn’t live up to its potential. In the past we made some smaller tweaks that improved some things but these weren't enough. After lots of discussions inside and outside the team and following the team’s experience making Clan Capital, we decided the best course of action is to do a big rework of the Builder Base. We are sure this big top-to-bottom rework will get Builder Base in a much better place overall." - Source

Some of the areas of focus for the rework are:

  1. Focused, Tactical Fun
  2. Adapt and Improvise
  3. Defense Matters

The team wants to reinstate some of the strategy and tactical fun that exists in the earlier Builder Hall levels, but becomes overshadowed at the higher levels with a larger number of defenses and troops in each attack.

Split Stage - Builder Hall 6+

In order to restore the smaller, more strategic feel of the earlier Builder Hall levels, the Builder Hall layout is being split into two stages starting at Builder Hall 6. This results in players planning their attacks for a smaller number of defenses where each troop has an important role to play within the attack.

The 2 stages of the Builder Base

Prior to Builder Hall 6, attacking will remain very similar to before the rework with a single layout to attack.

Once upgraded to Builder Hall 6, the second stage becomes available within your village. Defenses can be moved between the two stages, however there are limitations for each stage to prevent overloading one stage compared to the other. These limitations can be seen in game when editing your village layout.

An old wall segment vs new separate wall pieces

Due to there being two stages, the map size is being reduced. To offer more creativity when designing defensive layouts, wall segments that were previously strips of 5 wall pieces are now able to be placed individually.


Changes to attacking and the Star System

Versus attacks are no more. Although it was fun to go head to head with another player and attack each others villages at the same time to determine the victor, it could become frustrating if you had finished your attack much quicker than the other player as you needed to wait until they had completed their attack before you could start a new attack. This has changed so that when you start an attack, you’ll be matched with an opponent to attack and your village will be eligible to be attacked by another player. Once you have completed your attack, you will be able to start a new attack right away even if your village hasn’t been attacked yet.

Star Bonus

Star Bonus reward

In Builder Base 1, loot was primarily acquired from the daily star bonus which required you to win 3 battles. This limited the amount of resources that you could get each day. The reward system for Builder Base 2 is being changed. The Star Bonus will still be available, but will require earning stars. The number of stars required for the daily bonus will vary between 7 and 12, depending on which League you are in. Once you have completed the Star Bonus for the day, you can continue to attack and receive resources from each attack and defenses, although it will be less than the amount awarded from completing the Star Bonus.

6 Stars?

A 6 star attack

The usual method of awarding stars applies when attacking with one star for achieving 50% destruction, another star for destroying the Builder Hall and a third star for achieving 100% destruction. For Builder Halls 2-5, there is still only a single stage to attack, so it is possible to get a maximum of 3 stars during an attack. Once the second stage is available at Builder Hall 6, it is possible to get 3 stars from attacking the first stage and then another 3 stars from attacking the second stage.

The requirements for the first 3 stars remain unchanged:

  • 50% destruction on the first stage
  • Destroying the Builder Hall
  • 100% destruction on the first stage

The requirements for the second 3 stars are:

  • 50% destruction on the second stage
  • Destroying O.T.T.O’s Outpost
  • 100% destruction on the second stage

The stars earnt from the first stage are Bronze Stars and the stars earnt from the second stage are Silver Stars. The total number of stars from an attack are applied to the Star Bonus, so if you earnt 3 Bronze Stars from the first stage and 2 Silver Stars from the second stage, this would count as 5 stars towards the Star Bonus.

Up to 40 trophies can be won from attacking and lost from being attacked. The amount of trophies you will gain/lose will depend on the number of stars gained and the destruction percentage. The table below shows how this is calculated:

BH 0 Stars 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars 6 Stars
1-5 0 +1 per 10% 5 +1 per 9% 16 +1 per 3% 40 40 40 40
6 0 +1 per 13% 4 +1 per 10% 14 +1 per 3% 30 +1 per 9% 36 +1 per 17% 42 +1 per 8% 50
7 4 +1 per 11% 13 +1 per 4% 25 +1 per 9% 32 +1 per 15% 39 +1 per 8%
8 4 +1 per 13% 12 +1 per 5% 22 +1 per 9% 29 +1 per 15% 36 +1 per 8%
9 4 +1 per 15% 11 +1 per 6% 20 +1 per 9% 27 +1 per 15% 34 +1 per 8%
10 4 +1 per 17% 10 +1 per 7% 18 +1 per 9% 25 +1 per 15% 32 +1 per 8%


Builder Gold can be earned from attacking other players with the amount of Builder Gold awarded depending on the League you are in and how many stars are achieved during the attack. Builder Elixir is earned by defending against other players attacking your village. Similar to when attacking, the amount awarded depends on the number of stars your attacker gets (or doesn’t get) against your village. As before, when your village is attacked, you won’t lose any resources.


Changes to Builder Base troops

With the changes to the map size and addition of a second stage, some changes are being made to the Builder Base troops:

  • Number of troops per camp reduced
  • Rebalancing of troop attributes
  • Addition of active abilities to certain troops
  • Troops unlock levels added

Troop count reduction

The goal of this change is so that each troop deployed makes more of an impact in each battle. You will want to keep track of each troop during the battle to ensure you can get the most value from each of them. It will also be advantageous to try and keep each troop alive until the end of the battle so that it can be used in the second stage.


With there being less troops per game and less defenses per stage to attack them, the troops have been adjusted accordingly. This will mean if you are used to using a particular troop before Builder Base 2.0, it will be worth familiarising yourself with the new stats.

Addition of Active Abilities

Builder Base troops have often had passive abilities, but now some of the troops are getting active abilities. This gives you more control over them in battle to help get three stars. Some of the active abilities are one time use and others can be used repeatedly/toggled between throughout the battle.

Raged Barbarian Passive Ability: Rage - Speed and damage are increased for the first 22 seconds.
Active Ability: -None-
Sneaky Archer Passive Ability: Cloak - Invisible to defenses for the first 11 seconds.
Active Ability: -None-
Boxer Giant Passive Ability: Power Punch - The first attack deals extra damage.
1-Time Ability: Boxer Block - When activated, Boxer Giant becomes temporarily surrounded by a protective shield that renders him invulnerable.
Beta Minion Passive Ability: Power Shot - The first few attacks of Beta Minion shoot faster, have longer range, and deal extra damage.
Active Ability: -None-
Bomber Cooldown Ability: Bouncing Bomb - When activated, Bomber’s next attack deploys a large explosive that bounces twice and deals very high damage to Walls
Baby Dragon Passive Ability: Tantrum - When no other air units are in close proximity to Baby Dragon, his damage is increased.
1-Time Ability: Fiery Sneeze - Baby Dragon will launch a cone shaped attack of fire, dealing damage in front of him. Additionally, Fiery Sneeze does extra damage while his Tantrum is active!
Cannon Cart Mode Switch Ability: Mortar Mode - Cannon Cart can quickly alternate between its mobile shorter range but higher damage mode and a stationary, long-range artillery mode that deals less damage. You can toggle between each mode for greater tactical advantage!
Night Witch 1-Time Ability: Bat Swarm - This ability summons a swarm of enraged bats that deal extra damage for a few seconds.
Drop Ship 1-Time Ability: Skeleton Bomb - Drop Ship will drop a bomb directly below its current position, dealing area damage along with extra damage to Walls. Additionally the explosion effect will summon Skeletons that continue attacking as ground Troops.
Power P.E.K.K.A 1-Time Ability: Overcharge - You can now manually activate her explosive ability that deals area damage around Power P.E.K.K.A.
Hog Glider Passive Ability: Stunning Glide - Stuns the target for 6 seconds on impact.
Elecrofire Wizard Mode Switch Ability: Inferno Mode/Electro Mode - Inferno Mode is a single target attack with increasing damage over time and Electro Mode is a slow charging lightning attack that will bounce to multiple targets.

Troop Unlock Levels

Previously when unlocking a new troop in the Builder Base, the troop would need to be upgraded from level 1 to potentially level 18 for it to be competitively viable for your Builder Hall level. This required a substantial resource and time investment before being able to make the best use of the troop. With Builder Base 2.0, troops will be automatically upgraded to this level. If you have already researched your troop higher than this level, it will remain at the higher level, however if your troop is below the unlock level, it will be automatically upgraded.

Troop Unlock Level
Raged Barbarian 1
Sneaky Archer 1
Boxer Giant 3
Beta Minion 3
Bomber 5
Baby Dragon 5
Cannon Cart 7
Night Witch 9
Drop Ship 11
Power P.E.K.K.A 13
Hog Glider 15
Elecrofire Wizard 17

New Buildings

A number of new buildings have been introduced as part of the rework, some of which are available from BH6.

O.T.T.O’s Outpost

O.T.T.O's Outpost

With O.T.T.O returning to the Builder Base, the Master Builder created a house for him to reside in. This building is always in the second stage and is essentially the Builder Hall of that stage. When O.T.T.O’s Outpost is destroyed during a battle, it unleashes a number of Zappys. This building automatically appears in the second stage of your village once you upgrade to Builder Hall 6. O.T.T.O’s Outpost can be upgraded which increases the number of Zappys spawned as well as improving their stats.

Healing Hut

Healing Hut

The Healing Hut can be constructed once you reach Builder Hall 6 and must be placed in the second stage. Once constructed, this building will heal your troops by a percentage of their total health when they travel to the second stage during an attack after you have got 3 stars on the first stage. Upgrading this building increases the percentage of health healed.

Reinforcement Camp

Reinforcement Camp

The Reinforcement Camp enables additional troops to be added to your army when you travel to the second stage. The first Reinforcement Camp is automatically constructed in the second stage when you upgrade to Builder Hall 6 and a second is available to be constructed once you reach Builder Hall 9. When you reach the second stage during an attack, for each Reinforcement Camp you have constructed, you can take an additional camp of troops into battle. As when scouting your target for the first stage, you can change which troop is in each Reinforcement Camp before deploying the first troop or hero in the second stage.


Hero Machines

The Builder Base 2.0 rework adds a second hero to the Builder Base and the heroes are now referred to as “Hero Machines”. The ability of the Hero Machines continues to be available to use repeatedly during a battle, however it now has 3 levels of charge. When it has reached level 1, the ability can be used as before, however if you allow it to charge up to level 2 or 3, the ability will do more damage and recover more health points. This offers a level of risk vs reward for deciding when to use the ability. As before, the ability will auto activate if available when the hero is about to be knocked out or at the end of the stage.

The 3 levels of charge for a Hero Machine's ability

Only 1 hero can be taken into battle, although you can switch between which hero you use while scouting before the first troop is deployed, similar to how you can change your army composition. If your hero is knocked out in the first stage and you clear the stage to access the second stage, the other hero can be used in the second stage.

Battle Copter

Battle Copter

The Builder Base 2.0 rework introduced a new hero to the Builder Base, the Battle Copter. The Battle Copter is a flying unit and is available at Builder Hall 8. When initially constructed, the Battle Copter is level 15. This means that the max level of it will mirror the max level of the Battle Machine at each Builder Hall level.

The Battle Copter has a ranged attack that targets any structure or troop in range. Activating its ability causes it to surge forward in a nose dive, dealing explosive damage beneath it.


Leagues have been reworked for the Builder Base and are as follows:

Scroll table to view all stats
BadgeNameTrophiesStar BonusStars Required
Wood League V 0 - 99 5,000 5,000 7
Wood League IV 100 - 199 15,000 15,000 7
Wood League III 200 - 299 22,500 22,500 7
Wood League II 300 - 399 30,000 30,000 7
Wood League I 400 - 499 40,000 40,000 7
Clay League V 500 - 599 50,000 50,000 7
Clay League IV 600 - 699 60,000 60,000 7
Clay League III 700 - 799 70,000 70,000 7
Clay League II 800 - 899 80,000 80,000 7
Clay League I 900 - 999 100,000 100,000 7
Stone League V 1000 - 1099 120,000 120,000 7
Stone League IV 1100 - 1199 130,000 130,000 7
Stone League III 1200 - 1299 140,000 140,000 7
Stone League II 1300 - 1399 145,000 145,000 7
Stone League I 1400 - 1499 150,000 150,000 7
Copper League V 1500 - 1599 155,000 155,000 8
Copper League IV 1600 - 1699 160,000 160,000 8
Copper League III 1700 - 1799 170,000 170,000 8
Copper League II 1800 - 1899 180,000 180,000 8
Copper League I 1900 - 1999 190,000 190,000 8
Brass League III 2000 - 2199 200,000 200,000 9
Brass League II 2200 - 2399 210,000 210,000 9
Brass League I 2400 - 2599 225,000 225,000 9
Iron League III 2600 - 2799 240,000 240,000 9
Iron League II 2800 - 2999 255,000 255,000 9
Iron League I 3000 - 3199 270,000 270,000 9
Steel League III 3200 - 3399 285,000 285,000 10
Steel League II 3400 - 3599 300,000 300,000 10
Steel League I 3600 - 3799 315,000 315,000 10
Titanium League III 3800 - 3999 330,000 330,000 10
Titanium League II 4000 - 4199 345,000 345,000 10
Titanium League I 4200 - 4399 360,000 360,000 10
Platinum League III 4400 - 4599 380,000 380,000 11
Platinum League II 4600 - 4799 400,000 400,000 11
Platinum League I 4800 - 4999 420,000 420,000 11
Emerald League III 5000 - 5199 440,000 440,000 12
Emerald League II 5200 - 5399 460,000 460,000 12
Emerald League I 5400 - 5599 480,000 480,000 12
Ruby League III 5600 - 5799 500,000 500,000 12
Ruby League II 5800 - 5999 520,000 520,000 12
Ruby League I 6000 - 6199 540,000 540,000 12
Diamond League 6200+ 560,000 560,000 12

At the end of each season, players with more than 5000 trophies will be reset back to 5000.

B.O.B/O.T.T.O Changes

Some changes have been made to O.T.T.O in the rework. O.T.T.O was previously unlocked at Builder Hall 9 once the various unlock tasks were completed and would enable the Master Builder to travel between the Builder Base and the Home Village to be either the 2nd or 6th builder. The Master Builder has now decided he prefers to stay in the Builder Base.



O.T.T.O has always resided within the Builder Base and this hasn’t changed, however he is now automatically unlocked once you reach Builder Hall 6 so that 2 builders are always available within the Builder Base from BH6 onwards.



B.O.B is a new invention by the Master Builder. He can be unlocked at Builder Hall 9 by completing similar tasks to previously unlocked O.T.T.O. The tasks have been changed to be less specific than before, however it is a similar amount of time to complete the requirements:

Level Requirements
1 Construct B.O.B Control
2 Gear Up 3 buildings
3 Upgrade any troop to level 18
4 Upgrade any defense to level 9
5 Total levels of Hero Machines to equal level 45

The O.T.T.O Hut that previously existed in the Builder Base has now been renamed to B.O.B Control and is upgraded in the same manner as before. Once upgrade to level 5, B.O.B becomes available in the Home Village.

Builder Hall 10

Builder Hall 10

Builder Hall 10 has been added with the rework. As with previous Builder Hall levels, this introduces a new level to most structures within the village plus a new flagship defense and troop.


X-Bow in Ground Mode and Air Mode

Similar to the Home Village version of the X-Bow, it has two modes to determine the type of troops it can target, however unlike the Home Village variant, it can be set to either ground targeting OR Air targeting mode. It can be upgraded up to level 5.

Electrofire Wizard

Electrofire Wizard

The Electrofire Wizard is unlocked once the Builder Barracks have been upgraded to level 12. When initially unlocked, the Electrofire Wizard is level 17 and can be upgraded to level 20. He has two attack modes that can be toggled between during an attack with a 1.5 second delay before you can toggle back to the previous mode. The primary attack mode is a single target flame that increases in damage over time, similar to an Inferno Dragon’s attack. The secondary attack mode is an electro attack that chains to multiple targets in range, similar to an Electro Dragon.


New Obstacles

With the addition of the second stage which is based inside a cave, there are some new obstacles that spawn on this stage. Similar to other obstacles, each can be removed, however some only appear after unlocking the second stage and won’t respawn if removed. The table below shows which obstacles will respawn so that you can retain the non-respawning obstacles if you are a collector. If you wish to keep the non-respawning obstacles but still make use of the main map area for building your layout, you can move them using a Shovel of Obstacles.

Image Name Size Cost to Remove Count Respawns? Spawn Limit
Root 2x2 30,000 5 Yes 4
Large Root 3x3 80,000 4 Yes 2
Stone 2x2 25,000 4 No -
Stone 2x2 15,000 8 No -
Stone 2x2 15,000 6 No -
Stone 2x2 40,000 8 No -
Small Root 2x2 15,000 5 Yes 2
Small Root 2x2 15,000 4 Yes 2
Small Root 2x2 15,000 2 Yes 1
Root 2x2 30,000 5 Yes 4
Small Root 2x2 20,000 5 Yes 2
Stone 2x2 15,000 8 No -
Overgrown Pond 3x3 90,000 2 Yes 1
Large Pond 3x3 60,000 1 Yes 1
Large Pond 3x3 60,000 2 Yes 1

Additional Changes

Some other general changes were also made:

  • Giant Cannon range increased from 9.0 to 9.5 tiles.
  • Builder Base Trap triggering logic has been improved. Minimum spring weight to trigger Mines and Mega Mines has been increased to 2 and 3 respectively. This means they won’t be triggered by a single Skeleton in close proximity.
  • Bomber’s AI has been improved to avoid targeting Wall segments that don’t have 2 adjacent Wall pieces.
  • Single Army Camp Troops like Boxer Giant use precise targeting logic to select their next target.
  • Chief’s Journey is now available in Builder Base.
  • Push Traps can now push jumping units (Hog Riders).
  • Guard Post is now considered a non-Defense for purposes of targeting.
  • Many Builder Base Defense ranges have been reduced to accommodate the smaller map size.
  • Gem costs for skipping timers in Builder Base have been changed to match those in Home Village.
  • Builder Base Friendly Challenges have been changed to no longer require duelling.

Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker

If you are looking for a tool to show you remaining upgrades for your village and help you plan your upgrade order, check out the Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker.

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