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The June 2023 update is here

Posted: Wednesday 21 June 2023

The June 2023 update for Clash of Clans adds the Apprentice Warden, Super Hog Rider, 2 new Magic Items and a number of new levels for Town Hall 15.

Apprentice Warden

A new Dark Troop has been introduced, the Apprentice Warden. Available from Town Hall 13 once the Dark Barracks has been upgraded to level 10, the Apprentice Warden is a ground unit that has a ranged attack. Similar to the Grand Warden on ground mode, he can jump over walls.

Similar to the Grand Warden, he has a Life Aura that boosts the hit points of troops around him within the 7 tile radius. There are three main differences between the Grand Warden’s and the Apprentice Warden’s abilities:

  1. The Apprentice Warden only has the Life Aura, he doesn’t have an Eternal Tome ability
  2. The Apprentice Warden is always a ground troop.
  3. The Apprentice Warden’s HP boost does not have a maximum cap

The 3rd point means the Apprentice Warden is considerably more powerful than the Grand Warden when it comes to boosting the HP of nearby troops. If a troop has 1917 HP or more, the Apprentice Warden will offer a greater boost.

In the event of the Life Aura of the Grand Warden and the Apprentice Warden overlapping, the most powerful effect will take priority.

Apprentice Warden stats

Super Hog Rider

The Hog Rider, an iconic troop, is getting a super variant. The Super Hog Rider has increased HP/DPS and behaves in the same manner as the regular Hog Rider, however upon destruction, it splits apart into a separate Hog and Rider.

The Hog will continue to target defenses and can still jump over walls, however the Rider will target the nearest building. The Rider also has a 2x damage bonus to walls.

The Super Hog Rider is available at Town Hall 13 once the Hog Rider has been researched to level 10.

Super Hog Rider stats

New Magic Items

Two new magic items have been added:

Pet Potion

Pet Potion

Similar to the Research Potion, this speeds up your Pet’s upgrade timer by 24x for 1 hour. Multiple potions can be activated to extend the duration of the 24x boost.

Builder Star Jar

Builder Star Jar

This item allows you to bypass the cooldown time for your Builder Base Star Bonus. It can only be used when you don’t have a bonus available and when used, will make a new Star Bonus immediately available.


New Levels

The following new levels have been added:

New Buildings Levels

Town Hall Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP
13 Dark Barracks 10 13M Elixir 13d - 950
15 Eagle Artillery 6 21.5M Gold 20d 525 5900
15 Hidden Telsa 14 19.1M Gold 18d 160 1450
15 Scattershot 4 21.3M Gold 19d 12h 200 5100
15 Builder’s Hut 5 17M Gold 14d 12h 135 1800

New Trap Levels

Town Hall Trap Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS
15 Seeking Air Mine 5 10M Gold 10d 2800
15 Giant Bomb 9 10.5M Gold 12d 425

New Troop Levels

Town Hall Troop Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP
15 Goblin 9 16M Elixir 17d 72 146
15 P.E.K.K.A 10 18M Elixir 16d 12h 750 7200
15 Valkyrie 10 320k DE 17d 223 2400
15 Healer 8 18M Elixir 17d 76/65* 1800
15 Dragon 10 19.5M Elixir 18d 370 4800
15 Hog Rider 12 335K DE 17d 200 1200
15 Bowler 7 335K DE 17d 12h 110 550
15 Baby Dragon 9 18M Elixir 16d 12h 155 2000
15 Yeti 5 19M Elixir 18d 310 3900
15 Ice Golem 7 335k DE 17d 8 secs** 3900
* Troop Heal/Hero Heal
** Freeze time when destroyed

New Spell Levels

Town Hall Spell Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Capacity
15 Clone 8 18M Elixir 17d 12h 42 troop space
15 Skeleton 8 320K DE 17d 12h 19 Skeletons

New Siege Machine Levels

Town Hall Siege Machine Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP
15 Wall Wrecker 5 15M Elixir 16d 12h 450 7500
15 Stone Slammer 5 15M Elixir 16d 12h 750 6800

New Hero Levels

Barbarian King

Town Hall Level DPS HP Ability level Upgrade time Upgrade cost
15 86 643 12150 17 8D 352K DE
15 87 651 12300 17 8D 354K DE
15 88 659 12450 17 8D 356K DE
15 89 667 12600 17 8D 358K DE
15 90 675 12750 18 8D 360K DE

Iron Fist stats

Ability Level DPS Health Recovery Speed increase Summoned Units
Iron Fist 18 1100 5300 35 40

Archer Queen

Town Hall Level DPS HP Ability level Upgrade time Upgrade cost
15 86 864 3750 17 8D 352K DE
15 87 868 3780 17 8D 354K DE
15 88 872 3810 17 8D 356K DE
15 89 876 3840 17 8D 358K DE
15 90 880 3870 18 8D 360K DE

Royal Cloak stats

Ability Level Damage Increase Health Recovery Ability time Summoned Units
Royal Cloak 18 1560 575 7S 22

Grand Warden

Town Hall Level DPS HP Ability level Upgrade time Upgrade cost
15 61 337 2660 12 8D 20.2M Elixir
15 62 340 2680 12 8D 20.4M Elixir
15 63 343 2700 12 8D 20.6M Elixir
15 64 346 2720 12 8D 20.8M Elixir
15 65 349 2740 13 8D 21M Elixir

Eternal Tome stats

Ability Level Ability time HP Ability level Upgrade time Upgrade cost
Eternal Tome 13 9S 2660 12 8D 20.2M Elixir

Royal Champion

Town Hall Level DPS HP Ability level Upgrade time Upgrade cost
15 36 604 4480 7 8D 347K DE
15 37 608 4510 7 8D 349K DE
15 38 612 4540 7 8D 351K DE
15 39 616 4570 7 8D 353K DE
15 40 620 4600 8 8D 355K DE

Seeking Shield stats

Ability Level Damage Health Recovery Number of targets
Seeking Shield 8 2240 3400 4

New Pet Levels

New Pet levels have been added at TH15 for L.A.S.S.I and Mighty Yak:


Town Hall New Level DPS HP Upgrade time Upgrade cost
15 11 250 3700 8D 250K DE
15 12 260 3800 8D 260K DE
15 13 270 3900 8D 270K DE
15 14 280 4000 8D 280K DE
15 15 290 4100 8D 290K DE

Mighty Yak

Town Hall New Level DPS HP Upgrade time Upgrade cost
15 11 100 5700 8D 290K DE
15 12 104 5850 8D 295K DE
15 13 108 6000 8D 300K DE
15 14 112 6150 8D 305K DE
15 15 116 6300 8D 310K DE


At TH15, an additional 125 wall pieces can be upgraded to level 16, meaning that all wall pieces can be upgraded now.


Cost Reductions

There have been a number of cost reductions for upgrades at TH12 and TH13. The largest reductions are as much as 25% with an average of around 14% for all of the reductions.

Building Reductions
Troop Reductions
Spells and Siege Machine Reductions

Additional Changes

New League Hero Skins and War Scenery

4 new Hero skins and a new War Scenery have been added in this update. Each can be purchased with League Medals. Each skin costs 2000 League Medals and the Scenery costs 2400 League Medals.

Super Troop Canceling

It is now possible to cancel an active Super Troop boost. This enables switching between different army compositions without needing to wait for your current Super Troops boost to end so that a different troop can be boosted. This change doesn’t affect the number of Super Troops you are able to have within an army composition. When canceling a Super Troop boost, the Dark Elixir or Super Potion used for the initial boost won’t be refunded.


  • Level 9 Miner HP: 1200 -> 1250
  • Level 9 Super Miner HP: 3200 -> 3500
  • Removed randomness from attack position selection of Mountain Golem and Flying Fortress in Clan Capital.
  • Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Healers.
  • Grand Warden will be less likely to follow Barbarians & Archers.
  • Troops will deploy from Siege Machines faster than before if there are many Troops embarked in the Siege Machine.
  • Reload time for Rage Spell Tower is increased by +20s
  • Rage Tower damage buff is reduced from 100% to 90%
  • Reload time for other Spell Towers (Poison & Invisibility) is increased by +10s

Game Changes

  • A confirmation popup will appear before a Clan Capital Raid attack if your Capital Gold storage is more than 90% full.
  • During Builder Base attacks, your custom deployment bar size option is limited to prevent buttons from appearing too small to tap.
  • Trophy calculation formula for BH6-10 players improved.
  • Remove “full” indicators from Builder Base Army Camps.
  • League Shop now accessible from Builder Base.
  • Personal Breaks disabled. You can log in and the game will not kick you out even when your personal break would normally kick in.
  • The amount of bonus Capital Gold for remaining Troops after clearing a District has been multiplied by 3.
  • Clan Games should always have a minimum of 4 claimable Builder Base and 4 claimable Home Village tasks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the available Capital Raid attacks was not displaying.
  • Cannon Cart icon fixed in the Season Challenge and Clan Games task UI.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Strongman’s Pony and fireworks to disappear.
  • Fixed bug that would occasionally prevent selection of units during a 2nd stage attack in Builder Base battles.
  • Push Traps can no longer push units out of the map in cases where the target location is completely surrounded by thick Walls.
  • Removed Boxer Block delay after it deactivates.

Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker

If you are looking for a tool to show you remaining upgrades for your village and help you plan your upgrade order, check out the Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker.

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