When is the next update?

Clash of Clans receives regular updates to the game throughout the year consisting of approximately 3 major updates, with a number of smaller updates for balancing in between.

When will the next major update be released?

Based on the release schedules from previous years, the next major update will likely be:

March/April 2020

Please note: This release date is unconfirmed and estimated based on previous updates

What will the next update contain?

There have been no officially announced details for what the next update will contain yet.


What did the previous update contain?

The last update was a minor update released on 16th January 2020 consisting of:

  • Fix an exploit in Legends League that is against Supercell's 'Fair Play' values.
  • Increase level 18 Cannon (TH13) hitpoints by 10HP from 1860 to 1870 to prevent the Royal Champion from one-shotting them with her Seeking Shield ability.
  • Yetimites will no longer trigger traps.
  • Addition of a new "Community" tab featuring regular videos from Clash of Clans content creators. This will be able to be viewed by clicking the "Inbox" button to the left of the "Shop" button, within the "Community" tab.
  • Additionally, we will cut the Village Guard time in Titan leagues so it's always 60 minutes (was previously up to 180 minutes). This should help with the bad clouding that gets reported from time to time particularly when there's events going that get players more active.
    • Titan I: 180 minutes > 60 minutes
    • Titan II: 150 minutes > 60 minutes
    • Titan III: 120 minutes > 60 minutes

History of Updates

To view the full history of previous updates in reverse chronological order, check out the link below: