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What is Operation: Blue Skies/Legend League Rework?

After being mentioned at the end of 2018, Operation Blue Skies is now live as part of the June 2019 update. This is the “fix for the clouds” that players in the higher leagues have been asking for for quite some time.

What are ‘The Clouds’?

When players refer to ‘the clouds’, they are referring to the screen displayed when searching for an opponent in matchmaking. In the higher leagues, it could take a number of minutes (or in the case of Legends League, hours) to find a village to attack.

For a full explanation on what causes this, check out this guide:

What is Operation: Blue Skies?

The Legends League will now have a different matchmaking system to the other leagues. Once players reach 5000 trophies, the multiplayer attack menu will now display a new button that says “Sign-up to Legend League”. This is an opt in process, however if you don’t opt in, you’ll be unable to attack other players until you lose enough trophies to drop back down to Titan I league.

The Legends League sign up screen

Players within the Legends League will receive a fixed number of attacks and defences each day (8) and will gain or lose trophies depending on how many stars and damage done in each attack and defence rather than the traditional matchmaking with other player’s villages that are offline without a shield. These attacks can be performed at any point without needing to search for an opponent. If a player doesn't use all of their attacks before the next day starts, they will be lost. Once the new League Day started, you get a fresh set of attacks.



The number of attacks remaining are shown on the 'Find a Match' button

The maximum number of trophies available from each attack is 40 and you cannot lose trophies when you attack. The amount of trophies earned from an attack are as follows:

  • For 0 stars you'll get 0 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 10% DP above 0%
  • For 1 stars you'll get 5 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 9% DP above 1%
  • For 2 stars you'll get 16 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 3% DP above 50%
  • For 3 stars you'll get 40 trophies


Defence tab

Just as you can attack 8 other villages, 8 other players can attack your village. Rather than using your current home village layout as a defending layout, you can choose which of your layouts will be used. When a different layout is selected, it won’t take effect until the next league day. This is similar to how war base layouts are selected that differ from the home layout.

Selecting a defensive layout

The mechanics for defending Clan Castle troops has also changing. Rather than requiring your clan mates to donate troops for your defending Clan Castle, you can choose which troops you wish to use and your defending Clan Castle will be automatically refilled after each defence.

Selecting defending Clan Castle troops

Unlike in lower leagues, it is possible for Legend League players to be attacked while they are online, but you will still be able to continue to play as normal while being attacked.


Shields in lower leagues protect your village from being attacked when you are offline, but due to how the attacks within the Legends League have changed, shields have also changed for Legend League players.

Purchasing shields within the Legends League will allow you to take a break from subsequent days, so you won’t be able to be attacked by other players, but you also won’t be able to attack either. It won’t affect your attacks for the current League day, it will take effect on the following day. The same applies when removing a shield, it will only take effect on the following League day.

The shields screen

Shields for players in Titan leagues have also been slightly reduced from the maximum 16 hours as follows:

  • Titan I - Maximum of 13 hours
  • Titan II - Maximum of 14 hours
  • Titan III - Maximum of 15 hours


Looting within the Legends League has changed and is more similar to loot from war bases where each base has a set value based on the strength of the village and you don’t lose any resources when your village is attacked.

The maximum amount of loot available from a maxed Town Hall 12 is as follows:

Resource Maximum Available
Gold 450,000
Elixir 550,000
Dark Elixir 6,500

Weaker villages will have a lower amount of loot available. The daily star bonus and win bonus will remain unchanged from before this update.


Supercell released an FAQ post shortly after the announcement answering a lot of the commonly questions from players. This can be seen here:

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Buying a Gold Pass, Gems or an offer?
Use this button to set my creator code and Supercell will support my work with a % of your spend for 7 days. Thank you!

Use Code: Ninja