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Clash of Clans Glossary


There are a number of terms and phrases you may see used when people discuss or play Clash of Clans. Check out our glossary of terms below for explanations/definitions on commonly used terms, phrases or acronyms:

Air Defence
Air Unit
A troop that flies. They are unaffected by walls and are targeted by defences and troops that have aerial attacking capabilities. Ground targeting defences and troops are unable to attack them.
Archer Queen
A hero available at Town Hall 9. She can attack both ground and air targets and has higher DPS than the Barbarian King, but less HP.
Area Defence
A defensive structure that targets an area and can damage multiple troops within that area, such as a Wizard Tower or Mortar.
Baby D
Baby Dragon
Barbarian King
A hero available at Town Hall 7. He can attack ground based targets and had a large amount of HP.
Battle Machine
A hero available at Builder Hall 5. Unlike other heroes, the Electric Hammer ability can be reused after it has recharged in a battle.
See Builder Base
See Builder Hall
Each builder is capable of constructing and upgrading structures within the home village. Each builder has their own Builder Hut.
Builder Base
A secondary village with similar, but different game mechanics to the home village. It has a Builder Hall instead of a Town Hall. - Find out more: What is the Builder Base?
Builder Hall
This is the primary building in your builder base, similar to the Town Hall within the home village. The level of it determines the structures & troops that are available to you. - Find out more: What is the Builder Base?
Builder's Hut
A small structure that houses a builder when not upgrading or building a structure. When the builder is idle, Z's will display above the hut.
See Clan Castle
See Clan Games
Chat can be accessed through the menu on the left of the screen. There are two chat channels available; Global Chat and Clan Chat.
A group of players working together in game under the same banner.
Clan Castle
A structure that contains donated troops, spells and siege machines from your clan mates. They can be deployed during an attack or defend your village when you are attacked.
Clan Chat
A chat channel that is available when you are in a clan to chat with clan mates, request troops, share replays or participate in friendly battles.
Clan Games
A clan event where players complete challenges and earn points. As the clan earns sufficient points, each member that is Town Hall 6 or above can claim a reward from a number of tiers, usually a combination of resources, gems or Magic Items.
Clan Hopper
A player who changes between clans on a very regular basis.
Clan Member
A player who is in a Clan. There can be up to 50 members in a single Clan.
Clan Perks
Special benefits that a Clan of a particular level can offer. This can be additional War Loot, ability to request troops more frequently, ability to donate more troops to a troop request or a level upgrade to donated troops.
Clan War Leagues
An league based tournament similar to Clan Wars where 8 clans face each with the top clans being promoted to a higher league and the bottom clans being demoted to a lower league. Players recieve War Loot as well as League Medals.
Clan Wars
A competitive game mode where two clans face each other and attack each other's villages. The winner is the clan with the most stars (or damage in the event of a tie).
See Clouds
The screen displayed when matchmaking players for battles. At higher leagues, it can be display for a long period of time. - Find out more: What are 'The Clouds'/Clouding Problems?
See Co-Leader
Clash of Clans
A member with the Co-Leader role is the second highest title in a Clan. They can perform the same actions as a Leader except demoting other Co-Leaders, removing other Co-Leaders from the Clan or promoting other Co-Leaders to Leader.
Creator Code
A code that can be entered in game to support your favourite community creators. - Find out more: What are Creator Codes?
See Trophies
See Clan War Leagues although may also refer to the community run Champions War League.
Damage per Second
A unit of measurement for the damage output of a troop or defence. It is calculated from damage per attack and attack speed.
These are aesthetic items that can be purchased from the store and placed within your village.
The game mechanics regard a defeat as an attack that fails to score at least 1 star.
Dip Attack
When a higher level Town Hall attacks a lower level Town Hall during a war attack for a greater chance of a 3 star attack
See Damage per Second
See Eagle Artillery
See Eagle Artillery
Eagle Artillery
A defensive building available for Town Hall 11 and above. It has a very large range covering most of the village and is activated after a large number of troops have been deployed (based on [term=housing-space]housing space[term]).
A member with the Elder role is the third highest title in a Clan. They can promote and remove members and invite other players to join the Clan.
Engineered Village
A village that has avoided constructing certain defences or walls in order to manipulate War Weight and have lopsided war matches in their favour. It is often frowned upon by the community and there have been various changes made to matchmaking to help minimise the benefits offered.
See Engineered Village
Eternal Tome
The Grand Warden's ability that provides troops within his range temporary invulnerability.
A time limited challenge in game that can offer experience, gems and/or Magic Items as a reward for completing them.
See Experience
A numeric value that indicates a player's level in game. Experience can be gained by complete upgrading or completing a number of activities in game. Some cosmetic items are unlocked, but other than that does not have any other impact in game.
See Free to Play
Free to Play
A game that is available for free and main contain paid for upgrades or additions. In the context of a player, it is someone who hasn't spent any real world currency on in game items.
Gear Up
An upgrade to certain home village defences by the Master Builder (from the builder base) that allows their characteristics to be changed.
A player who purchases and uses a large number of Gems to progress their village.
A resource used to complete upgrades or purchase resources. Primarily obtained through purchasing with real world currently, although can be acquired in game through completing events, achievements or by removing obstacles.
See Global Chat
Global Chat
A chat channel available for groups of players from different clans.
Grand Warden
A hero available at Town Hall 11. He performs a support role by increasing the HP of troops within his Life Aura. His Eternal Tome ability is able to make troops within his range invulnerable for a short period.
Ground Unit
A unit that is ground based only. Their movement will be impeded by walls, unless they have the ability to avoid them, such as Hog Riders or Miners, or a jump spell is used. Aerial defences are unable to attack them.
See Village Guard
Heroes are immortal troops unlocked and are some of the most powerful in the game. When injured, they require time to heal themselves before they can be used again. Once they are upgraded to a suitable level, each hero has a special ability.
Hog Rider
Home Village
The initial village that you start with.
Lava Hound
Housing Space
A measurement for how much space a unit requires when trained as part of an army. The number and level of Army Camps will determine the total housing space available for an army.
See Home Village
See Inferno Tower
Inferno Tower
A defensive building available for Town Hall 10 and above. It can target both air and ground units and can be toggled between a high damage single target mode or a lower damage multi target mode. - Find out more: The Inferno Tower
See Inferno Tower
Kill Squad
An initial smaller group of troops used at the start of an attack to take out key strategic targets. This may be a Golem and Wizards with heroes to take out the defending Clan Castle troops, defending heroes or Air Defences depending on what the primary army is weak against.
See Barbarian King
See Kill Squad
The head member of a Clan.
Players are placed into leagues once their trophy count is above 400. Each league has its own rewards that increase as they get higher.
Life Aura
The Grand Warden's passive ability that provides troops within his range a HP increase. The area is indicated by a ring shown around him.
Loot Bonus
Commonly refers to the bonus resources received when victorious in a multiplayer battle from the League bonus.
Magic Items
Magic Items are boosters for your village. Each one fulfills a different role from boosting production/training times to instantly completing an upgrade.
Master Builder
The builder who carries out construction and upgrades within the builder base. He is also able to visit the home village to gear up certain defences in the home village.
Multiplayer Battles
These are battles carried out on the Home Village where one player attacks another and takes their resources.
Obstacles spawn periodically within both villages. They can be removed with a builder and can award the player experience and gems.
Point Defence
See Single Target Defence
See Archer Queen
Queen Walk
A tactic that involves using the Archer Queen and a number of Healers for part of an attack in order to take out key targets before sending in their main troops. - Find out more: How to Queen Walk - Part 1: The Basics
See Queen Walk
A shield protects a village from being attacked by other players. - Find out more: What are Shields and the Village Guard?
Single Target Defence
A defensive structure that can attack a single target, such as Cannons, Archer Towers, Hidden Teslas etc.
The Strongman is the organiser of the Clan Games.
The developer of Clash of Clans and a number of other mobile games.
Surgical Hogs
When a player deploys a specific number of Hog Riders to attack a number of defences to ensure an efficient and effect start to an attack.
Surgical Loons
When a player deploys a specific number of Balloons to attack a number of defences to ensure an efficient and effect start to an attack.
A high HP troop that can handle incoming damage to protect weaker, high DPS troops whilst they attack.
See Town Hall
Town Hall
This is the primary building in your home village. The level of it determines the structures, troops and heroes that are available to you.
A storage within the Clan Castle for storing War Loot, league bonuses or resource rewards from Clan Games.
A 3 star attack, usually during a Clan War.
Troop Space
See Housing Space
A value each player has used for the ranking system and determining which league a player is in. A player has a separate trophy count for both the home village and builder base. Trophies are lost/gained from Multiplayer Battles or Versus Battles.
Trophy Pushing
When a player attacks other players with the goal of increasing their trophy count in order to enter higher leagues.
Versus Battles
There are head to head battles carried out on the Builder Base where the winner receives resources.
The game mechanics regard a victory as an attack which scores at least 1 star.
Village Guard
A village guard protects the home village once the shield has expired from attack by other players.
Usually refers to Clan Wars, however could also refer to Clan War Leagues.
War Base
This is the village layout used during Clan Wars for the opposing team to attack. If a separate war base layout hasn't been set, the active home village layout is used.
War Loot
The loot gained by participating in Clan Wars.
War Weight
A measurement used to gauge the strength of a village when matchmaking clans for Clan Wars. There have been various adjustments made over time to balance it further, although specific details are not disclosed by Supercell to avoid abuse.
War Win Bonus
The winner of a Clan War receives the full win bonus whereas the losing clan members receive a much smaller fraction of the War Loot.
See Grand Warden
Wall Breakers
See Experience

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