What are Creator Codes?

Creator Codes were introduced to Clash of Clans in the October 2019 update and allow players to support their favourite creators. The creator code can be entered within the settings section in game.

What are Creator Codes/Creator Boosts?

Supercell have introduced a program to allow players to support their favourite content creators when making purchases within Supercell games. Each content creator that is part of the program has been issued with their own Creator Code which they will be promoting to their communities.

How does it support the creator?

The program is similar to a referral or affiliate scheme to let Supercell know which creator was associated with an in game purchase. Supercell then pass on a share of this transaction to the creator to help them to continue to grow.

Creator Codes work across all Supercell games with the creator code option, they aren’t just restricted to the creator’s primary game that they play. If you play multiple Supercell games that support Creator Boosts, you can support creators in each game.

How do you find out your favourite creator’s code?

Ask them. If they are part of the program, they’ll be able to let you know what their code is so that you can support them.


How do you support a creator?

Within the settings menu for Clash of Clans, an option has been added at the bottom of the ‘More Settings’ menu. To access this, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the settings button (above the shop button, grey button with gears on)
  2. Under the ‘More Settings’ heading, press ‘Show’
  3. Scroll to the bottom, there is a section titled ‘Support a Creator’ with an ‘Enter Code’ button
Accessing the Creator Code setting

Here you can enter the Creator Code to support that creator. When entering a code:

  • The code entered has to be a valid code, a warning is displayed for an invalid code
  • Entering a code is not case sensitive.
  • Supporting the creator expires after a week or so, so if you wish to continue supporting the creator long term, you will need to re-enter their code periodically.
A warning is shown for an invalid code

Once you have entered a valid code, the menu item will change and let you know which creator you are currently supporting:

Once a valid code is entered, you can see who is being supported

If you wish to stop supporting the creator, you can press the ‘Stop Supporting’ button to reset it.

The code entered is only active for a week, so if you wish to continue to support that creator, you will need to re-enter their code each week.


Does it cost anything?

Supporting a creator doesn’t cost the player anything, so if you do enjoy the content created by any of the creators who are part of the program, you should help them out by entering their creator code.

Can you support multiple creators?

You can only support one creator at a time on your account, however you can change which creator are supporting and enter a different creator’s code.

If you are a player with multiple accounts, you could choose to support different creators on each account, allowing you to support multiple creators at the same time.

How can you get your own creator code?

Creator Codes have been issued directly to creators already working with Supercell. If you are eligible for the program, they will be in touch with you.

At this time, there isn’t a list of requirements to become eligible for the program or any way to apply for it yourself.