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How to unlock 5 builders for free

Unlocking all 5 builders will allow you to progress quickly in Clash of Clans and there are various offers available to players who haven’t unlocked all 5 builders to purchase them with their local currency. Although this is the quickest way to unlock them, it is possible to unlock them without spending any money (free to play) by saving up free Gems offered in game. This guide will look at the main sources of free gems so that you can unlock additional builders quickly without spending any money.

5 builders unlocked

Starting Out

When you start out in Clash of Clans, you have 1 builder available and have 500 gems. During the tutorial, you are required to build a second builder hut at the cost of 250 gems which unlocks the second builder. The tutorial encourages you to spend small amounts of gems to complete upgrades, however this isn’t a requirement so if you wait for each construction to complete, you can keep all 250 of the remaining free gems.

Once the tutorial is completed, you can access the shop and the option to purchase the additional builder huts is available. The cost for each of these is as follows:

  • 3rd Builder Hut - 500 Gems
  • 4th Builder Hut - 1000 Gems
  • 5th Builder Hut - 2000 Gems

It is also possible to unlock an additional builder called O.T.T.O in the Builder Base, allowing a total of 6 builders in the Home Village however there are a number of prerequisites for this meaning it will likely take a few months of game play before these are met.

Avoid spending gems

Although it can be tempting to spend your Gems to complete upgrades and progress quicker, saving your Gems will allow you to purchase the additional builders sooner which will provide much quicker progression.

If you have already spent the initial free Gems when starting out, this won’t prevent you from unlocking the additional builders for free, so don’t worry. Just start saving up any new Gems going forward.


Sources of free Gems

There are a number of sources of free Gems:

Completing achievements

There are various achievements for both the Home Village and Builder Base that provide Gems for completing them. Most of them have 3 levels with an increasing number of Gems offered for completing each level.

Completing achievements rewards you with Gems

The number of Gems offered for completing an achievement ranges from 2 Gems up to 2000 Gems, although the achievements offering 1000 - 2000 Gems will be difficult for a newer player to complete due to needing to attack high level Town Halls.

The list of achievements can be seen by opening your player profile in game and scrolling down. A lot of the achievements can be completed just by playing the game, such as destroying a certain number of Town Halls, reaching various total loot value thresholds or by upgrading or destroying certain structures. Although the number of Gems

Some of the higher value rewards are available from reaching a certain number of trophies. As you upgrade your village, you will start to find it easier to reach the higher leagues and collect these rewards:

Trophies Required
Achievement Gems
1250 (Home) Sweet Victory 450
2000 (Home) League All-Star 250
2600 (Home) League All-Star 1000
3200 (Home) League All-Star 2000
3000 (Builder) Champion Builder 1000

Removing obstacles

Obstacles spawn within both the Home Village and the Builder Base (such as trees, tree trunks and pumpkins) and can be removed and reward you with Gems. Obstacles spawn approximately every 8 hours (assuming there is space available for them to spawn and you aren’t already at the 45 obstacle limit). Obstacles reward you with up to 6 gems on a fixed cycle, with an average of 2 gems per obstacle removed. Seasonal obstacles that spawn during Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year and the anniversary month don’t give you gems for removing them, so they can be left if you wish to save them.

Obstacles can be removed for Gems

A Gem Box can also spawn which will give 25 Gems when removed. This is a fairly rare obstacle and only one can spawn in your village at a time, so be sure to remove it when it appears.

A Gem box

Although the number of Gems received from removing obstacles may seem small, due to the frequent spawn of them, the Gems received from regularly removing them can quickly start to add up.


Selling Magic Items

Magic Items help speed up upgrading your village, however you can only store a finite number of each item and you may find you have excess Magic Items you are unable to store. It is possible to sell Magic Items for Gems, so selling any Magic Items you don’t have the capacity to store can provide some additional Gems for you.

Selling a Rune of Dark Elixir for Gems

A number of Magic Items are available for completing Season Challenges even without purchasing the Gold Pass, so selling these could provide you with additional Gems.

Clan Games rewards

Clan Games are a monthly event in which Clan members complete challenges to score points that unlock reward tiers. Each reward tier has 3 reward options and at the end of the Clan Games, you can pick one reward from each unlocked tier (plus an additional bonus reward if you score the required points). Some of the reward options are Gems, although there are also Magic Items on offer that could be sold for Gems.

Gems and Magic Items are on offer as Clan Game rewards

Check out when the next Clan Games are and the most valuable rewards to choose in the article below:

Completing events

Throughout the month, there are various events with rewards offered once the requirements have been met. This may be winning a certain number of battles using a particular troop or destroying a certain number of Town Halls, knocking out a certain number of Heroes etc. Some of these events offer Gems and/or Magic Items that could be sold for Gems.

An example of an in game event offering a Book of Heroes and Gems

Gem Mine

The Gem Mine is a structure within the Builder Base that produced Gems over time. They are produced slowly, however a fully upgraded Gem Mine can produce just under 5 Gems per day.

The Gem Mine in the Builder Base


Creators or other community members often run giveaway events each month offering prizes to a number of selected winners. These prizes can often consist of cash that could be used to purchase the Gold Pass, New Player Offers or even just a Gem pack. A lot of people enter these competitions meaning the chance of winning may be low, however entering multiple competitions is usually a quick process and you may get lucky.

Additional sources of free Gems

If you are an Android user, there is an app available from Google called Google Opinion Rewards that periodically offers surveys which upon completion will reward you with Google Play credit. The frequency and topic of the surveys will vary, however over time it is possible to build up enough credit to purchase offers or Gem packs within Clash of Clans.

Example surveys in the Google Opinion Rewards app

When answering the surveys, it’s important to answer them truthfully rather than providing an incorrect answer. For example, some surveys may provide you with a list of places and ask if you have visited any of them recently. If you haven’t visited any of those places within the last few days but choose one of them anyway, it can result in not receiving any further surveys as based on your location history, this wasn’t an accurate answer. Even if you choose the option that says you haven’t visited any of those places, you will often still recieve Google Play credit, so honesty still pays.

If you are an Apple device user, you can still take advantage of this if you have access to an Android device. You can complete the surveys on the Android device and accumulate credit and when you have sufficient credit to purchase a Gem pack/offer in game, you can load your Clash of Clans village on the Android device using Supercell ID and make the purchase with Google Play credit. Once the transaction is complete, you can continue playing on your Apple device and the items purchased will be available in game.


New player offers

There are occasionally offers available for newer players that allows them to purchase 4000 - 5000 gems for considerably less cost than normal. Two of these offers are called “1 Time Kingly Offer” and “Power Level”.

“1 Time Kingly Offer” and “Power Level” offers

Purchasing 4000 - 5000 gems would usually cost approximately $40/£40 (prices vary by region based on the currency exchange rate and taxes), so these offers cost less than 10% of the regular price and would enable a new player to immediately purchase all 5 builders. Earning the purchase price of these offers is possible over the course of a few weeks of completing surveys within the Google Opinion Rewards program, enabling you to unlock the 5 builders “for free”.

It is worth keeping in mind that these offers aren’t always active and are only available up to Town Hall 9. They can only be purchased once and may only be available to players who haven’t previously made in game offer purchases.

Builder Packs

An offer that is always available is the Builder Pack that consists of an additional builder and some gems. These are available if you haven’t already unlocked 5 builders. They don’t offer as much value as the “1 Time Kingly Offer” or “Power Level” offers, so it is worth waiting for those offers or earning the gems through other means.

A "Builder Pack" offer
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Buying a Gold Pass, Gems or an offer?
Use this button to set my creator code and Supercell will support my work with a % of your spend for 7 days. Thank you!

Use Code: Ninja