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Unlocking the 6th Builder/B.O.B

What is B.O.B?

B.O.B is an invention created by the Master Builder available at Builder Hall 9. Once unlocked, B.O.B travels to the Home Village as an additional builder allowing you to have up to 6 builders.

How is B.O.B unlocked?

B.O.B is unlocked once B.O.B Control has been upgraded to level 5. B.O.B Control can be constructed as soon as the Builder Hall has completed upgrading to level 9, however levels 2 to 5 are unlocked by completing the requirements:

Level Requirements
1 Construct B.O.B Control
2 Gear Up 3 buildings
3 Upgrade any troop to level 18
4 Upgrade any defense to level 9
5 Total levels of Hero Machines to equal level 45

As the requirement for each level is completed, it is possible to upgrade B.O.B Control to that level. Although upgrading to each level is immediate, the Master Builder needs to be available to complete the upgrade. If you attempt to upgrade when the Master Builder is busy with another upgrade, you will be prompted to complete the current upgrade with gems in order to upgrade B.O.B Control.

Tapping on B.O.B Control shows the upgrade requirements

When B.O.B Control is ready to be upgraded (due to the requirements for the next level being met), an info bubble appears above B.O.B Control that says “Upgrade”.

When B.O.B Control can be upgraded, a notification bubble is displayed

Tips to unlock B.O.B quickly

You will need to have upgraded to Builder Hall 9 in order to be able to construct B.O.B Control, however you can start to work towards the other requirements before then:

Requirement 2: Gear up 3 buildings

The 3 defences that you’ll need to gear up are a Cannon, Archer Tower and Mortar. You can only gear up 1 of each structure rather. There are some requirements for each:

Defence Builder Hall Level Builder Base Structure Level Home Village Structure Level Upgrade Duration
Cannon 4 4 7 (TH6) 2 Days
Archer Tower 6 6 10 (TH8) 7 Days
Mortar 8 8 8 (TH10) 14 Days

When you start to gear up a defence, the Master Builder travels to Home Village in his own boat and performs the upgrade, however the gold required for the upgrade is Home Village gold rather than Builder Base gold. This means he will be unavailable to carry out any upgrades within the Builder Base. Because of this, it may be worth using a Book of Building from Clan Games or from the Season Challenges in order to immediately complete the Archer Tower and Mortar Gear Up in order to allow him to return to the Builder Base and continue upgrades there.

Requirement 3: Upgrade any troop to level 18

All troops can be upgraded to level 18 once you reach Builder Hall 9, so the quickest way to meet this requirement is to upgrade one of the troops you most commonly use to level 18.

Requirement 4: Upgrade any defense to level 9

All defenses can be upgraded to level 9 at Builder Hall 9, however as you will need to have upgraded to Multi Mortar to level 8 for the Home Village gear up upgrade, this will likely be the shortest path for you to meet this requirement.

Requirement 5: Upgrade the Hero Machines to a total of level 45

This requirement is split between the two Hero Machines that are available at Builder Hall 9. The Battle Copter is level 15 when unlocked, so building that as soon as it is available will be a large contributor to this requirement.

General Tips

Prioritise the following structure upgrades at each Builder Hall level:

  • Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors and storages - This increases daily income and maximises rune value.
  • Build each Army Camp as it becomes available - This increase attacking strength by allowing you to take more troops into battle.
  • Upgrade the Star Laboratory once the troops you use are max level for the previous laboratory level.
  • Upgrade to the next BH once you have built any new structures (even if they are only level 1) and upgraded the items mentioned above.

Focus on just upgrading the troops you use to attack and the Cannon Cart in the laboratory, then focus on the Battle Machine.

Use the Clock Tower boost as it becomes available, even if you aren’t able to attack as it will speed up resource production, upgrades and laboratory research.

The Star Bonus will be your main source of resources. This refreshes every 22 hours and roll over once, allowing you have two sets of rewards available back to back. Be sure to earn the required stars and collect these rewards before 44 hours has elapsed to ensure you don’t miss out on any resources.

Attempt to push to higher trophy levels for increased rewards. This will occur naturally as your troops are upgraded and will offer greater rewards.

Save runes until your storages are upgraded and try to use them when your storages are as close to empty as you can. If another rune is available and you already have one, be sure to use the existing one when you can so that the additional one isn’t wasted.

The Gold Pass will help progress quicker with the builder boost reducing time and resource costs, plus magic books and Builder Base runes are often included as Gold Pass rewards.

Purchase resources for the Builder Base using Raid Medals from the Trader which will help you acquire enough resources to keep the Master Builder continually busy.


What happens once the B.O.B Control is fully upgraded?

Once fully upgraded, B.O.B becomes available and will appear in the Home Village as the 6th builder. You’ll be prompted to place the B.O.B Hut in the Home Village also.

B.O.B is unlocked once B.O.B Control is upgraded to level 5

You’ll be prompted to place the B.O.B Hut in the Home Village also.

The unplaced buildings button will show in the Home Village

Tracking progress towards unlocking B.O.B

If you want to track your progress as you work through the requirements to unlock B.O.B, the Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker has a checklist that shows you which requirements you have met. This is done automatically as you track each upgrade and the checklist can be seen once you have upgraded to Builder Hall 9.

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Buying a Gold Pass, Gems or an offer?
Use this button to set my creator code and Supercell will support my work with a % of your spend for 7 days. Thank you!

Use Code: Ninja