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What are Season Challenges?

Challenge Points


Season Bank

Reward Tiers

Season Boosts

Hero Skins

Silver Tier

Gold Tier

Builder Boost

Research Boost

Training Boost

1 Gem Donations

This boost allows you to donate troops to your clan mates for only 1 gem cost per troop. You can still donate troops you have already trained as usual.

This boost reduces the training time and cost of your troops, spells and siege machines. It also reduces the recovery time of your heroes.

This boost reduces the upgrade time and cost of research within the laboratory. It has 3 different reduction levels (10%, 15% and 20%) that are unlocked as you progress along the reward track.

This boost reduces the upgrade time and cost of buildings, heroes and walls. It has 3 different reduction levels (10%, 15% and 20%) that are unlocked as you progress along the reward track.

The Gold Tier is in addition to the Silver Tier rewards and are displayed on the top of the reward track. In order to claim these rewards, you’ll need to purchase the Gold Pass. The Gold Pass is $4.99 (or equivalent in local currencies) and is active for the season that is was purchased within. This is an optional purchase and players can still play as normal and complete the Silver Tier rewards without purchasing it.

Silver Tier is available for all players for free. The Silver Tier rewards are shown on the bottom of the reward track and as their point requirements are met, they can be claimed.

Season Boosts are some of the rewards available at Gold Tier. Once unlocked, they will be active until the end of the season and their current level/status is displayed on the Perks tab.

If the Gold Pass is purchased mid season when some Challenge Points have already been collected, the Gold Tier rewards with sufficient points can be claimed right away. The Gold Tier has a considerably larger Season Bank also.

Once the Gold Pass has been purchased, the background of the Season Challenges window changes from silver to gold.

There are two different reward tiers that determine the rewards you receive as you collect Challenge Points.

The Gold Tier Season Bank starts with the same capacity as the Silver Tier and is increased through the “Bigger Season Bank” rewards unlocked as Challenge Points are collected.

The Season Bank fills up over the season until the end, at which point all of the loot is transferred into your main storages. If there isn’t sufficient capacity within the storages for the loot, they will overfill beyond the maximum to accomodate all of the Season Bank loot. You will likely want to ensure you have a builder available at the end of the season to upgrade walls or start additional upgrades with this loot, as you’ll be unable to empty your collectors until your storages are below their maximum capacities again.

The Season Bank is a new resource storage that is part of the Season Challenges. As you loot each resource when attacking other villages, an equal amount of loot is put into the Season Bank essentially doubling the amount you loot. This continues until the Season Bank reaches maximum capacity. The maximum capacity is determined by which reward tier you are on:

There are two types of challenges; Daily Challenges and Monthly Challenges. Daily Challenges refresh each day and Monthly Challenges run for the entire month with additional challenges unlocking each week.

Each completed challenge rewards you with Challenge Points. Collecting these points allows you to progress along the reward track and collect each reward as you accumulate sufficient points. Each challenge displays the number of Challenge Points on offer for completing it. As you don’t need to select a challenge to complete, you are able to complete multiple challenges at the same time.

Season Challenges are similar to Clan Games, however each player has their own set of challenges to complete. Completing challenges will accumulate Challenge Points for that player. There are daily challenges that refresh every day and monthly challenges that unlock each week. Unlike Clan Games, you won’t need to select a particular challenge to complete, progress for each challenge is automatically tracked through your gameplay.

Each season starts on the 1st of each month and runs throughout the month. Challenge points and the rewards are reset at the end of the season. There are a variety of rewards available included resources, magic items, boosts and hero skins.

Season Challenges are available for Town Hall 7 and above and are accessed by through the icon on the bottom left next to the attack button.

Hero Skins are the final Gold Tier reward once all of the previous rewards have been unlocked. Each season will offer a different skin and any skin unlocked is permanent, even if you don’t purchase the Gold Pass in future seasons.

Once a skin has been unlocked, it can be accessed by selecting your hero and pressing the “Change Skin” button. Here you can see all of the available skins for this hero and choose which one you would like to use.

There are 4 different Season Boosts available:

Resource Silver Tier Gold Tier
Gold 5,000,000 25,000,000
Elixir 5,000,000 25,000,000
Dark Elixir 50,000 250,000
Daily, Active and Upcoming Challenges
Season Challenge Button
The Season Track showing your progress and rewards
Silver Tier vs Gold Tier styling
The Perks tab showing active boosts
The Gold Pass button
Hero change skin button and skin menu
Buying a Gold Pass, Gems or an offer?
Use this button to set my creator code and Supercell will support my work with a % of your spend for 7 days. Thank you!

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Buying a Gold Pass, Gems or an offer?
Use this button to set my creator code and Supercell will support my work with a % of your spend for 7 days. Thank you!

Use Code: Ninja