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How to Queen Walk - Part 2: Threats

This is part 2 in a series on How to Queen Walk. This guide provides an overview of threats to the success of your Queen Walk and how to handle them. If you haven’t ready part 1, click the link below:

There are a number of threats that can bring a quick end to your Queen Walk unless you prepare for them or avoid them.

Air Defences

Although unable to damage the Archer Queen, an Air Defence will quickly destroy the Healers protecting her. When planning your route, ensure that either the Archer Queen can get in range of the Air Defence(s) and take them out or avoid them. A common placement for an Air Defence can be deep within a compartment so that the Archer Queen is unable to reach it without entering the compartment.

This Air Defence is set back, so is out of range of the Queen but will still be able to target the Healers

It’s also important to remember that the Healers won’t follow the Archer Queen’s exact path, they will be “in tow”, so if the Queen walks around the corner of a village, the Healers will follow and cut the corner which may bring them into the path of an Air Defence.

This Air Defence is also set back so is out of range of the Queen and as she walks around the corner, the Healers will enter the compartment and be in range.

Defending Clan Castle Troops

Usually one of the key strategic objectives for a Queen Walk, however the defending Clan Castle troops can also be one of the biggest threats to the Archer Queen depending on the troop composition. It is best to have a Poison Spell ready to deploy on the defending troops, however the specific strategy for handling these will depend on the troops. This is covered in more details in Part 3: Defending Clan Castle Troops).

Single Target Inferno Towers

A threat at TH10 and above are Inferno Towers on single target mode. The Healers will be able to heal the Archer Queen through flame stages 1 and 2, after around 5 seconds the queen will be overwhelmed by the damage. Either the Royal Cloak ability can be used to cause the Inferno Tower to refocus on another troop or a Freeze Spell can be used to freeze the tower for a short period and reset the flame stage.

Read more - The Inferno Tower

When starting your attack, it is best to avoid starting near an Inferno Tower, however if it is unavoidable, consider using other troops to distract the Inferno Tower rather.

Healers switching targets

The Healer will target the nearest friendly troop or hero taking damage. If you deploy other troops nearby to your Archer Queen and there is a brief period where the Queen is no longer taking damage but the other troops are (such as when she has just destroyed a defence), the healers will switch focus. This will leave the Archer Queen without any healing and so she will be knocked out quite quickly.

One tactic to avoid this is to not deploy other medium/high HP troops near the path of your Queen Walk. If your Queen is walking down one side of a village, you can deploy the rest of your army troops on another side and the Queen will continue to be healed independently without interruption.


Defending Heroes

The threat of the defencing heroes will depend on their levels compared to your Archer Queen’s level. If you Queen is engaging a structure and is aggressed by a defending hero, she will switch focus to the defending hero.

If your Queen and the defending Queen are the same level, your Queen will be victorious due to being healed and the defending Queen being unable to use the Royal Cloak ability. If the defending hero levels are 5 - 10 more levels than your Queen, you will likely need to use a Rage Spell when engaging them. If the different is more than 15 - 20 levels, you will likely need to use the Royal Cloak ability in order to defeat the defending hero.

If your Queen is taking damage from other defences, this can put the balance in favour of the defending heroes. When engaging, watch the health bar of the Queen on the troop deployment bar at the bottom of the screen as this is easier to watch than the health bar above the Queen on the field. If your Queen’s health is depleting faster than the enemy hero’s health, consider dropping a Rage Spell at around 40% HP or consider using the Royal Cloak ability.

If you have a Poison Spell available that isn’t required for the defending Clan Castle troops, this can help turn the tide in your favour. Although the Poison Spell won’t do substantial damage to defending heroes on it’s own, it will reduce the attack speed of the defending heroes resulting in them doing less damage to your Queen.

Multi Target Inferno Towers when using Wall Breakers

If your planned path for your Queen Walk requires using Wall Breakers to enter a compartment, a multi target Inferno Tower can make this difficult. Either you will need to plan an entry point that isn’t in range of the Inferno Tower or ensure that the Inferno Tower has already targeted 5 targets so that your Walls Breakers can destroy the wall. Barbarians can be used to distract the Inferno Tower for a short period of time before deploying the Wall Breakers.

Depending on the path your Queen Walk has taken, it may be that the Queen and Healers are in range of the Inferno Tower and so all 5 flames of the Inferno Tower will be focused on them allowing the Wall Breakers to reach the wall and detonate.


Multiple High Damage Defences

Some village designs have areas that have a high density of single target defences that do a large amount of damage to a single target, such as your Queen. If these are on the corner of a village, it may be possible to deploy some Giants on the other side to distract some of the defences to allow your Queen to take out some of them to manage the damage more manageable.

Next Part

Part 3 of the guide looks at common defending Clan Castle troops and how to defeat them.

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Buying a Gold Pass, Gems or an offer?
Use this button to set my creator code and Supercell will support my work with a % of your spend for 7 days. Thank you!

Use Code: Ninja