Why can’t I view some of my previous replays?

Replay not available for both defences and attacks

Sometimes following a maintenance break, it is no longer possible to view replays or attacks that happened before the break. This isn’t always the case after maintenance, however it will usually happen when there have been changes made to gameplay mechanics that would affect the outcome of a battle.

Why do those changes affect the replays?

When you view a replay in game, you aren’t watching a video of the attack, you are watching the attack being simulated again with the same order of events. No matter how many times this simulation is replayed, the outcome will always be identical as the same ruleset is being used for it.

When game mechanic changes are made (such as a troop doing less damage, or a structure having an increased attack range etc) the simulation result would change. What was originally a 3 star attack could only be a 2 star attack with the updates which wouldn’t be an accurate reflection of how the original attack occurred.


How can you ensure you don’t lose a replay?

One method would be to capture your attack and save it as a video similar to how people share their attacks on social media. Both Apple and Google have added screen recording into the newer versions of iOS (version 11 or later) and Android (Lollipop 5.0 or later). Keep in mind that unlike the original replay, what you see is what you get so whatever is displayed on the screen when you make your screen recording is what will be saved in the video.

My clan is in the middle of a war and I’m unable to view a previous attack!

This can be frustrating, however there are tools to help minimise the impact of this. It is possible to add notes to war targets on the war map, so your clan mates could make a note of what troops are in the Clan Castle and trap locations.

If you clan uses external communication tools (such as Discord or WhatsApp), it may be beneficial to take a screenshot of the base, annotate it with trap locations and share it for the rest of the clan to view and strategise how best to attack it. Although not as convenient as being able to rewatch the replay in game, it will at least help plan additional attacks to win the war.