Who is the Trader?

The Trader appears when you reach Town Hall 8 and sells Magic Items for gems. His shop can be seen on the left hand side of the village and his store can be accessed by tapping on him/his tent.

The Trader's tent

Prior to Town Hall 8, a rolled up rug and sign with the Trader’s face is shown on his pitch.

The Trader's pitch before Town Hall 8

The trader offers 3 items each day and follows a 39 day cycle. Most items are sold for gems, although he does offer a number of items for free. Each player is at a different point of the cycle, so players will see different offers although the order of the cycle is the same.

What are Magic Items and how do you get them?

Magic Items are boosters for your village. Each one fulfils a different role from boosting production/training times to instantly completing an upgrade. They can be received from participating in Clan Games or completing events. There are a number of different Magic items, for more details on them check out our guide on them:


What are the benefits of these offers?

Purchasing the Magic Items from the trader can offer better gem value than completing the upgrade with gems directly. For example, the Book of Heroes costs 500 gems and can complete a 7 day hero upgrade which would normally cost 1000 gems. A Book of Building/Book of Fighting costs 925 gems but can complete a 14 day upgrade that would cost 1863 gems.

Is the Trader cycle known?

Yes, the cycle is known and has changed a number of times since the Trader’s first introduction. The full cycle can be seen at the link below:

If you want to see what your next offers will be and how long until the next occurance of each item offer from the Trader, check out the Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker:

The Trader cycle tracker that is part of the Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker
See when the next occurance of each item is
Clash Ninja - Upgrade Tracker