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What's coming in 2019?

Posted: Monday 07 January 2019

2018 was a great year for Clash of Clans with the introduction of TH12, CWL, new troops (Electro Dragon & Ice Golem), a new spell (Bat Spell) and various quality of life improvements however 2019 is already looking to have a lot of potential to beat it.

Confirmed Updates

Darian Vorlick, community manager at Supercell has mentioned a number of items that should be with us in 2019:

Builder Hall 9

Builder Hall 9 has been confirmed as being worked on and will be out in 2019. We last saw a major update to the Builder Hall in March 2018 with the introduction of Builder Hall 8 and players who have been consistently playing Builder Hall battles will be reaching a point where they are fully upgraded, especially with the Star Lab upgrade time reductions in the December 2018 update.

Although some players aren’t overly keen on the Builder Base compared to the Home Village, we will likely seen a new gear up option for a structure on the Home Village that could require you to upgrade to BH9 to unlock, so now may be a good time to get your Builder Hall on it’s way to BH8 if it isn’t already.

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Fix for Clouding/The Clouds

Players in Titan League or higher will be very familiar with the clouds, however if you are unaware of what ‘the clouds’ are, check out our article here for details on what they are and why it’s a problem:

Darian has confirmed changes are being worked on for this under the project title ‘Operation Blue Skies’ which will see mechanic changes introduced for Legends League players. This is exciting news for players who wish to complete in Legends League but don’t want to spend hours waiting for matchmaking.

This will also have a knock on effect for players in the leagues just below Legends League (Champions I, Titan III, Titan II and Titan I) who should hopefully also see improvements to matchmaking times during busy periods, such as when Clan Games are active.

Looking forward to seeing more details on this one!

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TH13, possibly during 2019

Although TH12 is still quite fresh, it has been out for 6 months now with players who upgraded shortly after launch starting to reach the point of being fully upgraded. Darian has confirmed that TH13 (and beyond) is being planned, so we know it will be coming at some point.

I think we will see TH13 introduced at the end of 2019. Why? That would be approximately 18 months after TH12’s introduction allowing various rounds of balancing, introduction of new levels and giving players at lower TH levels time to upgrade their villages. Also, Darian has said they don’t want to see a 2 year drought between TH levels like with TH11 and TH12.

If there are issues with balancing TH13 discovered during testing or other updates it may result in TH13 being pushed to early 2020, but going with it being in the last update of 2019.

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New Magic Items

Since the introduction of Magic Items with Clan Games in December 2017, we’ve seen a steady introduction of additional Magic Items. Darian has confirmed that there are new Magic Items planned and even emphasised the phrase “quite a few”.

On a similar note, I do hope that as more Magic Items are introduced, the Trader shop is reworked. With the introduction of the Clock Tower Potion, Shovel of Obstacles & Hero Potion, the Trader offer cycle was updated to add them to the cycle at the expense of removing some of the Training and Resource potions that players use on a daily basis. Increasing the range of daily items from 3 to 4 - 6 could be a solution for this.

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CWL leagues ‘settling’

Initial population of the CWL leagues was based on the level of the top players in each clan, however unlike regular clan wars that are matched each time based on your lineup, each round of CWL is based on your league. This can result in some matchups that seem unfair and can be frustrating. Due to how the leagues function with the top clans of each season being promoted and the bottom clans being demoted, it should result in each league balancing themselves.

Keep in mind that between each season of CWL you’ll be upgrading your village and researching troops/spells, so your clan will be getting stronger too which should help in those matchups.

CWL Schedule

Darian has mentioned introduction of a schedule for CWL seasons. This will be good for helping people know when to have various upgrades complete that will affect participation, such as heroes, barracks, spell factories etc.

This will also be beneficial for the various community organisations running their own war tournaments and leagues as they will be able to work around CWL seasons to ensure everyone can participate.

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World Championships - The $1m tournament

This is an exciting move to help push Clash of Clans further into the esports spotlight. Although only a very small number of clans will be of a suitable level to participate, these events will be livestreamed to allow players to get an insight into the planning and execution of top level attacks.

It is also good promotion for Clash of Clans to help draw in more players. This is positive for keeping the game active and supporting it going forward.


Potential Updates

Below are a list of updates that haven’t been confirmed by Supercell but that based on previous updates I believe we are likely to see introduced this year. These are personal opinion and not based on any insider knowledge or information.

Additional levels for TH12 defenses

As with previous Town Hall levels, we have often seen a second upgrade level introduced for certain defences such as Cannons and Archer Towers. I expect that we will see another level introduced for these structures to help make TH12 a bit more challenging.

Additional goblin maps

The new goblin maps were a popular addition in 2018 so I would expect to see more added in 2019. From a development point of view, there are less balancing concerns as they won’t affect player vs player interactions so it should be more straightforward to create these compared to new troops or mechanic changes.

Wall upgrades for TH12 increased to 300

As we saw with TH11, TH12 was introduced with a wall limit for the new level 13 walls which was subsequently increased to 200 out of 300 pieces. I expect to see this increased to 300 to allow all pieces to be upgraded.

Possible new troop levels

I would expect to see some new troop levels for some of the troops that are used less than others. Two that come to mind are the Golem and P.E.K.K.A. Although commonly used at lower TH levels, they don’t see as much use at the high TH levels due to high damage defences such as single target Inferno Towers, the Eagle Artillery and the Giga Tesla.

Once change we saw in 2018 to help make the Golem more viable at higher TH levels was the removal of the 3x damage bonus from the Eagle Artillery. After the Inferno Tower update in December 2017 to remove the healing block from Inferno Tower, it was more common to see Inferno Towers on single target mode which impacted Golem use. With the introduction of the Bat Spell and Witches being used in army compositions, we are starting to see more set back to multi target mode which may help with making Golems more viable.

Read more - The Inferno Tower

The P.E.K.K.A is popular at lower TH levels however it still doesn’t see a lot of use at the higher TH levels. This is why I think it could be a candidate for another level being added, or it may be that the top few levels see some rebalancing.

New Hero

This would be a major addition and based on past updates where every other TH update saw a new hero introduced (Barbarian King at TH7, Archer Queen at TH9 and Grand Warden at TH11), I would expect we would see a new hero introduced with TH13 which I think will arrive in the last update of 2019.

I think that this will be part of an updated mechanic where you switch between which heroes you take into battle, similar to how Siege Machines can be switched as managing 4 heroes and abilities during a battle may be a bit overwhelming.

Darian said they are looking at new heroes although provided little further detail than that. Note that he used the plural ‘heroes’ suggesting multiple new heroes. This also reinforces my thoughts there will be a system for switching between which heroes you use in battle as this could be a great new way to introduce further flexibility into attacks, so it may be we see multiple new heroes at TH13 and you choose which you battle with. It could also be a suggestion of a new hero for the Home Village and one for the Builder Base with BH9… We shall have to wait and see.

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There are exciting times ahead for Clash of Clans in 2019. The community seems much more positive with the various updates brought in during 2018 and there looks to be a lot of momentum within the development team to continue to improve and builder on the game further during 2019 and beyond.

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