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The Winter Jam event has started!

Posted: Tuesday 26 November 2019

The Winter Jam is a 13 day event where the upgrade costs for structures, traps, walls and gear ups in the Home Village are reduced by 50%! This is similar to the Hammer Jam event for the Builder Base in June 2018, however for that event, the upgrade times were reduced by 50% rather than resource costs.

Why 13 days?

There have been a number of hints in recent in-game events relating to the number 13, suggesting that the December 2019 update will be the launch of Town Hall 13. It was previously mentioned earlier in the year that we should see Town Hall 13 as part of the end of year update, so it is highly likely with all these hints that this will be the case.

This event will last until 9th December 2019, which will allow you to receive your Season Bank loot while the event is still active. This essentially doubles the value of these resources.

Effective use of the cost reduction

Effective use of the resource reduction will depend on your playstyle:

You often have multiple idle builders

This is a great opportunity to start some of your most expensive upgrades to maximise the savings and complete those upgrades. Any spare resources can be used to upgrade your walls, but the priority should be keeping your builders busy.

You keep your builders busy and have additional resources

If you farm a lot of resources and keep your builders busy most of the time, you may benefit from keeping a single builder available at all times to allow you to use any additional resources to upgrade walls. This will help avoid the scenario where your storages are full but you have no builders available.

Will Town Hall 13 be released at the end of the Winter Jam event?

There hasn’t been official confirmation that Town Hall 13 will be released at the end of the Hammer Jam event, however to ensure that the December update is released before the Christmas break as well as allowing time to deploy any additional patches/updates, it is likely that the December update will be released shortly after the end of the event. The 9th December is a Monday and historically, we normally see the major game updates on a Tuesday, so it may be the update is out on the 10th December.

Will there be any other cost reductions after the Winter Jam event?

When Town Hall 12 was released in June 2018, we saw resource cost and upgrade time reductions for a large number of upgrades for the lower Town Hall levels. Although not guaranteed, it is very likely that this will be the case again once Town Hall 13 is released.

Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker

See your remaining upgrades and plan out which to begin during this event with the Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker. The upgrade costs have been updated for the Winter Jam event, so you can see accurate costs for your upgrades.

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