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Loot Planner enters early access

Posted: Saturday 10 July 2021

One of the most requested features for the Upgrade Tracker is finally here: The Loot Planner.

What is it?

The Loot Planner uses your upgrade plans for your village and provides a summary of how much of each resource is required and when the upgrade(s) that require it will start. This allows you to see how much you need to farm in order to keep your builders, Lab and Pet House active.

As well as showing the upcoming upgrades and resource requirements, it also shows how much your collectors are generating, as well the possible increases if the collectors are upgraded to the max level for your Town Hall level. Loot bonuses from each attack win and star bonus for your current league are shown too, so these can be factored into your farming.

The Loot Planner can be viewed by pressing the green “Loot Planner” button within the upgrade tabs on the Upgrade Tracker.

Why is it marked as “early access”?

This feature has been stuck in development for over 6 months due to Town Hall 14 being released which required changes to be made and then being unhappy with the initial version, resulting in starting over with some new ideas. After using the new version for a few weeks myself, I’m now happy with how it works so I want to launch it to get additional feedback.

This initial version only includes the Home Village in order to make any changes quicker to implement before expanding it to the Builder Base. It may be that there are bugs or issues with the initial release of this. If you encounter something that you think shouldn't happen or appears to be incorrect, please let me know.


I’m always interested to hear feedback and ideas to improve the tools on the site and I rely on user input to let me know what features you want the most, which helps me prioritise what I work on next. If you have any feedback about the overview feature or anything else, please get in touch:

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