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Home Village Balance Changes - April 2024

Posted: Monday 08 April 2024

Some balance changes are coming to adjust the Rocket Balloon and Archer Tower.

April 2024 Balance Changes


Rocket Balloon:

  • Level 8 
    • Increased DPS from 236 to 270
    • Increase Death Damage from 400 to 580
  • Level 9 
    • Increased DPS from 256 to 280
    • Increase Death Damage from 500 to 620
  • Level 10
    • Increased DPS from 276 to 285
    • Increase Death Damage from 600 to 650

Archer Tower

  • Level 16 
    • Decreased HP from 1330 to 1310
  • Level 17 
    • Decreased HP from 1410 to 1390

The goal of these changes are to keep the Rocket Balloon vs Archer Tower interactions consistent across Town Halls.

These changes will be live in game in an upcoming maintenance break.


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