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Clashoween Mashup Madness!

Posted: Friday 13 October 2023

The Clashoween Mashup Madness event is underway. Builder has been acting strangely and he created a number of new seasonal troops by combining existing troops.


New Event Resource: Sour Elixir

In all villages, the Elixir Storages have been corrupted and now contain Sour Elixir. This can be looted during multiplayer attacks which unlocks rewards along the new event reward track. This new resource is collected in addition to regular Elixir. A new Sour Elixir Cauldron can be placed in your village which generates additional Sour Elixir.

Sour Elixir Cauldron

Mashup Madness Event Hub

As you collect more Sour Elixir, you progress along the event track, unlocking rewards along the way including Seasonal Troops, Mashup Medals, Magic Items and boosts for your village.

Mashup Madness Event Track

Trader’s Clashoween Tab

Once you have collected some Mashup Medals, the Trader will be more than happy to take them off your hands in exchange for an Archer Queen skin, decorations or Magic Items.

Trader Tab
Item Mashup Medal Cost per Item # Purchasable
90,000 Elixir 15 10
90,000 Gold 15 10
Training Potion 45 9
Clock Tower Potion 140 9
Builder Star Jar 185 9
Resource Potion 215 9
Pet Potion 220 9
Research Potion 220 9
Power Potion 280 9
Wall Ring (x5) 490 9
Clash-o-ween Clan Capital House Roof 515 1
Clash-o-ween Clan Capital House Decoration 515 1
Builder Potion 560 9
“Friendly” Clown Decoration 825 1
Shovel of Obstacles 980 3
Book of Heroes 980 3
Spooky Spa Decoration 1025 2
Cozy Coffin Decoration 1025 2
Pumpkin Scarecrow Decoration 1025 2
Book of Spells 1715 3
Book of Building 1815 3
Book of Fighting 1815 3
Rune of Builder Elixir 2780 3
Rune of Builder Gold 2780 3
Rune of Elixir 2780 3
Rune of Gold 2950 3
Ghost Queen Skin 4650 1

Mashup Madness Seasonal Troops

These time limited troops are unlocked from Town Hall 6 as you progress along the reward track:


A Barbarian that can attack using arrows, like an Archer.

Hog Wizard

A Wizard riding a Hog that does area splash damage.



A single unit for the classic LaLo strategy. The Lavaloon targets Air Defenses, dropping bombs as it flies. Upon destruction, it spawns Lavaloon Pups.

Witch Golem

The Witch Golem is a tanky unit that summons Skeletons. Upon destruction, it spawns 1-3 Big Boy Giant Skeletons.

End of Event

At the end of the event, the Sour Elixir Cauldron will become a permanent decoration within your village.

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