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Town Hall 15 is now live

Posted: Sunday 16 October 2022

The October 2022 update for Clash of Clans is live and introduces Town Hall 15, Spell Towers and Monolith, 4 new Pets, the Recall Spell, the new Electro Titan toop, the Battle Drill Siege Machine and a number of new levels for existing troops and structures. Wow… that’s a lot.

This post will summarise what has been added/changed in one place, however full patch notes can be viewed here:

Town Hall 15

Magic is in the air… Town Hall 15 was expected towards the end of 2022 due to it falling within the 18 month timeframe given by Supercell for new Town Hall levels. There are two new flagship defense types, Spell Towers and Monolith and 4 new hero pets, bringing the total to 8 and requiring you to make some decisions over which 4 pets you wish to take into battle.

New Items

The following structures/changes are unlocked:

  • The Giga Inferno keeps its poison bomb, but can be upgraded further.
  • 2 x Spell Towers
  • 1x Monolith

Hero Levels

New hero levels available:

  • Barbarian King - Levels 81 - 85
  • Archer Queen - Levels 81 - 85
  • Grand Warden - Levels 56 - 60
  • Royal Champion - Levels 31 - 35

New abilities are available at each level that is a multiple of 5 as usual.

Structure Levels

The following structures have received new levels:

  • Laboratory - Level 13
  • Clan Castle - Level 11
  • Gold Storage - Level 16
  • Elixir Storage - Level 16
  • Dark Elixir Storage - Level 10
  • Cannon - Level 21
  • Bomb Tower - Level 10
  • Inferno Tower - Level 9
  • Archer Tower - Level 21
  • Wizard Tower - Level 15
  • Air Defense - Level 13
  • X-Bow Level 10
  • Army Camp - Level 12
  • Barracks - Level 16
  • Spell Factory - Level 7
  • Siege Workshop - Level 7
  • Pet House - Levels 5 - 8
  • Air Bomb - Level 10
  • Bomb - Level 11
  • Wall - Level 16

Troop Levels

The following troops have received new levels:

  • Barbarian - Level 11 (Super Barbarian Level 11)
  • Archer - Level 11 (Super Archer Level 11)
  • Giant - Level 11 (Super Giant Level 11)
  • Wall Breaker - Level 11 (Super Wall Breaker Level 11)
  • Wizard - Level 11 (Super Wizard Level 11)
  • Minion - Level 11 (Super Minion level 11)
  • Golem - Level 12
  • Witch - Level 6 (Super Witch Level 6)
  • Miner - Level 9
  • Electro Dragon - Level 6

Spell Levels

The following spells have received new levels:

  • Lightning - Level 10
  • Heal - Level 9
  • Jump - Level 5
  • Poison - Level 9
  • Bat - Level 6

The Giga Inferno

The Giga Inferno at Town Hall 15 receives an upgrade, remaining as a multi target Inferno with an additional 5 upgrade levels. The Poison Bomb from Town Hall 14 remains, however the damage increases as it is upgraded and at level 5, the death damage radius is increased by 0.5 tiles to 4.5 tiles.

Spell Tower & Monolith

There are two new flagship defense types added at Town Hall 14, each with their own unique defensive abilities.

Spell Tower

The Spell Tower enables spells to be used to help defend your village. When they are triggered (by an attacking troop entering their activation radius), they deploy their magical payload. At level 1, the Rage Spell is available, boosting the nearby defenses and units. At level 2, the Poison Spell is unlocked which slows and damages attacking units. At level 3, the Invisibility Spell is unlocked, making nearby structures and units invisible for a few seconds.

Once a spell has been deployed, the tower will reload its magical payload, ready to deploy again unless it is destroyed.


Monolith is the first defense to require Dark Elixir to construct and upgrade. It deals a base level damage, however each shot does additional bonus damage based on a percentage of its target’s maximum hit points. This makes it very effective at taking out heroes and tanking units that have a large amount of HP.

New Pets

4 new pets are available to unlock at Town Hall 15. Only 4 can be taken into battle (1 per hero), so now you can choose the most suitable pets for your attack strategy. As with the previous 4 pets available at Town Hall 14, each pet has 10 levels.



Unlocked once the Pet House has been upgraded to level 5, Frosty attacks a target within range of his hero, slowing down his target. He periodically spawns Frostmites that prioritise the nearest defense.



Unlocked once the Pet House has been upgraded to level 6, Diggy travels underground to the hero’s target and stuns the target on his first hit.

Poison Lizard

Poison Lizard

The Poison Lizard is unlocked once the Pet House has been upgraded to level 7 and is similar to having a Headhunter following your hero. It will poison defending heroes and troops near the hero, slowing down their movement and attack speed and inflicting damage, similar to a poison spell.



The Phoenix is unlocked once the Pet House has been upgraded to level 8 and follows her hero as an egg. Once the hero is knocked out, she hatches and revives the hero for a few seconds.


Recall Spell

Available from Town Hall 13, the Recall Spell allows you to remove deployed units and heroes from battle and redeploy them elsewhere on the battlefield. The amount of housing space the spell can recall is determined by the spell level, starting at 72 housing space and increasing to 90 housing space once upgraded to level 4.

Heroes count as 25 housing space and pets count as 20 housing space. The exception to the rule for pets is the Phoenix Egg, which has 0 housing space until it has resurrected the hero it is paired with.

The spell can be used on both ground and air units and has a spell housing space of 2.

Electro Titan

The Electro Titan is a ground based unit that has a short range whip, capable of attacking both ground and air units. She emits an area of effect aura that will continually damage everything around her (excluding walls). This makes her very effective at taking out defensive skeletons and Lava Pups.

She is available at Town Hall 14 once the Barracks have been upgraded to level 16 and has a housing space of 32.

Battle Drill

The Battle Drill travels underground and emerges at the nearest defense. Upon surfacing, it will stun its target for 2 seconds. The Battle Drill is available at Town Hall 15 once the Workshop has been upgraded to level 7, however it can be donated to players TH13+ once their Clan Castle is upgraded to level 9.


Cost and Time Reductions for TH10 - TH14

As often happens with the release of a new Town Hall level, some of the lower level costs and times were reduced to help lower level players reach the higher Town Hall levels quicker. Over 500 levels were updated which had the following overall impact:

TH Level Building (not walls), Troops, Spells Hero Cuts
10 -15% -5%
11 -30% -12%
12 -30% -12%
13 -25% -10%
14 -5% 0%

Barracks/Dark Barracks Reduction

Previously in a village, there were 4 Barracks and 2 Dark Barracks. In order to reduce clutter within the village, these are being consolidated so there is only 1 of each building. The highest level Barracks and Dark Barracks will remain as the singular building.

  • Troop training time is now the same as with 4 Barracks or 2 Dark Barracks.
  • All production buildings (Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory and Siege Workshop) will now be able to keep training units when under upgrade. Instead of stopping completely they’ll continue training at 50% of their normal speed.
  • Starter Challenge tasks which required multiple Barracks buildings have been replaced or modified.

Season Challenge Improvements

  • Seasonal Challenges are now customised by players' Town Hall and Builder Hall levels. Every challenge offered should now be doable. Lower level players will no longer be asked to do tasks that they couldn’t do e.g. use a troop that unlocks much later.
  • Players who had the Gold Pass for the previous month’s Season will get a bonus 200 Challenge Points if they get the Gold Pass for this Season. This change will take effect with the November season.

Clan Capital Prioritisation

Leaders and Co-Leaders in a clan can prioritise up to 3 upgrades per district within the Clan Capital. These items will appear at the top of the upgrade list when tapping the icon at the top of the screen when viewing the Clan Capital. Players are still able to spend their Capital Gold on any upgrade they choose.

Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker

If you are looking for a tool to show you remaining upgrades for your village and help you plan your upgrade order, check out the Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker.

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