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The September 2021 update is here

Posted: Sunday 03 October 2021

The September 2021 update for Clash of Clans is now live and introduces a new Super Troop, some new defense and troop levels and some Quality of Life changes.

New Super Troop: Super Bowler

A beefed up version of the Bowler has been added in this update. He still throws boulders like the regular Bowler, however his have an additional bounce, increasing the range and destruction of his attack.

  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Damage Type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing Space: 30
  • Movement Speed: 14
Level TH Level DPS HP Training Cost Housing Space
4 12 170 1600 700 DE 30
5 13 185 1800 875 DE 30
6 14 200 2000 1000 DE 30

The Super Bowler is available at TH12 once the Bowler has been upgraded to level 4.

New Levels

The following new levels have been added:

New Building Levels

Defense Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP
Mortar 14 17.5M Gold 18d 48 1250
X-Bow 9 18.5M Gold 19d 200 4500

New Troop Levels

Troop Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time DPS HP Training Cost
Miner 8 17.5M Elixir 17d 136 1100 7200 Elixir
Yeti 4 18M Elixir 18d 290 3700 25K Elixir*
Hog Rider 11 320K DE 17d 187 1080 160 DE
Golem 11 320K DE 17d 85/850 8400 875 DE
Bowler 6 320K DE 17d 12h 102 500 200 DE
* Spawns 11 total Yetimites


An additional 50 walls can be upgraded to level 15, bringing the total to 200.



Inferno Dragon

The ramp-up speed of Inferno Dragon’s beam attack has been slowed down by 0.2 seconds. This means it takes slightly longer for its attack to reach max damage output.

Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider’s range has been reduced by 0.5 tiles. With this change, the range of Dragon Rider’s attacks has been shortened, which means it will need to move into closer range of its target in order to use its ranged attack

Mighty Yak

Splash damage has been removed from the Mighty Yak’s attacks.

Quality of Life

A number of Quality of Life changes have been made in this update:

  • Gain XP for donating defending war Clan Castle troops. XP is awarded at the start of Battle Day, so farming XP by repeatedly donating and removing troops isn’t possible.
  • Hero skin randomiser added. When enabled, you can pick which of your hero skins to include in the cycle and when your village is loaded, a new hero skin will be active.
  • “Support a Creator” button added to the main shop screen to enable entering a creator code there.


Some fixes have been made in this update:

  • Builders will no longer become stuck in Walls when defending during Wars, Friendly Challenges, or Legend League attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a failure to save a Village in edit mode.This was caused by the Remove All tool to remove locked buildings. Locked buildings will no longer be removed when using the Remove All tool.
  • Wars with more than the desired number of participants should no longer be possible (e.g. 15 vs 16).

API Updates

Some additions to the API have been made in this update.

Player War Opt In/Out Status

It is now possible to retrieve a player’s war opt in/out status from the /players/{playerTag} endpoint. This will allow tools using the Clash of Clans API to be able to see if a player is opted in or out for war. The name of this property in the API response is warPreference. If a player isn’t in a plan, this property won’t be present.

Number of war attacks per player

The maximum number of attacks per war player is now returned in the /clans/{clanTag}/currentwar and /clans/{clanTag}/warlog endpoints. This is useful for retrieving information from friendly wars, commonly used in tournaments where a single attack format is used rather than the usual 2 attacks. The name of this property is attacksPerMember and will be present for wars that occurred from when this feature was implemented.


Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker

If you are looking for a tool to show you remaining upgrades for your village and help you plan your upgrade order, check out the Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker.

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