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The June 2022 update is here

Posted: Monday 27 June 2022

The June 2020 update for Clash of Clans is now live and removes army training costs, along with a number of other Quality of Life changes and fixes.

Home Village

Zero Cost Training

All army training resource costs have been removed, affecting Troops, Spells and Siege Machines. This will enable using army compositions that was either cost prohibitive or experiment with new strategies. Training times and house space requirements for your army will remain.

  • The Training Boost perk from Season Challenges will now only affect training time.
  • Resources will no longer be refunded when donating troops to other players.
  • The donation refund clan perk has been removed.
  • Events will no longer discount Troops or Spells
  • Elixir loot in Legends League has been reduced to match Gold loot.

Elixir Cost Changes

With increased Elixir availability due to the Zero Cost Training changes, the following changes are being made:

  • Starting from TH5, walls can be upgraded with either Gold or Elixir (previously started at TH9)
  • The Clan Castle now requires Elixir to upgrade instead of Gold. The upgrade cost/amount of resources for each level remains the same.

Remove All from Army Training

It is now possible to remove all troops from your Army or training queue with a single button press. Previously, each troop/spell would need to be removed one by one. This can be done by pressing the trash can icon next to the queue.

Super Troop Quick Donation

It’s now possible to quick donate any Super Troop you have access to when filling reinforcement requests from your Clanmates, even if you don’t have the Super Troop boosted. If you have the 1-Gem donation boost active, this will apply to these donations also.

Scenery Randomiser

The Scenery Randomiser functions in a similar way to the Hero Skin Randomiser and can be activated from the Town Hall. Any time your village is loaded, a random Scenery will be selected. This will only include Sceneries you have unlocked and have selected.

National Flags

National flags are being removed to separate the Clash Universe from real life references. Any national flags purchased by players will be removed and purchase costs refunded.

Fictional flags are unaffected and will remain in game.

Balancing Changes



Level Old HP New HP
9 4000 3500
10 5500 4000
11 7000 5000
12 8500 7000
13 10,000 9000
14 11,500 11,000

Archer Tower

Level Old DPS New DPS
16 116 112
17 122 120


Level Old DPS New DPS
6 155 150
7 175 170

Inferno Tower

Level Old DPS New DPS
6 82-2000 80-1950

Red Air Bombs

Level Old DPS New DPS
5 200 208
6 228 232
7 248 252
8 270 280
9 290 325


Level Old HP New HP
9 900 950
10 1000 1100
11 1100 1300
12 1200 1500
13 1400 1700
14 1600 1950

Eagle Artillery
Eagle Artillery activation housing space consistently set to 200 for all levels.



Level Old HP New HP
2 3400 3500
3 3800 4000
4 4300 4500
5 4800 5000
6 5300 5500
7 5700 5900

Sneaky Goblin

Level Old DPS New DPS
7 160 155
8 190 170


Level Old DPS New DPS
7 50 55
8 57 62
9 64 70
10 72 78

Flame Flinger

  • Reduced direct hit damage radius
  • Increased duration of fire damage from 20 to 30 seconds
Level Old Max Fire DPS New Max Fire DPS
1 120 80
2 140 95
3 160 105
4 180 120

Super Wall Breaker
Reduce Super Wall Breaker death damage to match with adjusted Wall HP.


Level Old HP New HP
1 290 325
2 310 350
3 350 385
4 390 420
5 430 455


Level Old HP New HP
5 1200 1300
6 1300 1500
7 1450 1650
8 1650 1800
9 1900 2000

Super Valkyrie

Level Old HP New HP
7 2000 2400
8 2300 2700
9 2500 2900
  • Attack speed changed from 1.8 to 1.1 seconds.
  • Movement speed decreased from 3.5 to 3 tiles per second.
  • Rage radius increased from 3.5 to 4 tiles.


Clone Spell

Level Old Cap New Cap
1 18 22
2 21 24
3 24 26
4 27 28

Skeleton Spell

Level Old Spawn Count New Spawn Count
1 11 12
2 12 13
3 13 14
4 14 15
5 15 16
6 16 17

Clan Capital

Full Army Camp Attack Notification

When attacking during a Raid Weekend, if your army isn’t utilising the full housing space, the attack will be unable to be initiated and a message displayed. This is to ensure players make use of additional army camp space available if Clan Capital upgrades have been completed since they setup their army.

Builder Potion Forge Activation

Builder potions can now be activated directly from the Forge to speed up the production of Capital Gold. Previously, they would need to be activated outside of the Forge.

Clan Capital District Challenges

District Challenges are now available during the Raid Weekend if changes haven’t been made to the layout during the Raid Weekend.

Capital Raid Attack Counter Notification

An attack counter has been added to the Air Ship within the Home Village if you have Raid Weekend attacks outstanding, so you no longer need to visit the Clan Capital to see this.

Raid Medal Distribution

Raid Medals for attacks are now awarded based on the number of attacks a Raid Weekend participant did.

Trader - Raid Medal UI

Items that are out of stock/sold out for purchase with Raid Medals will now display a “Sold Out” sign instead of simply being greyed out to make it visually more apparent the item in question cannot be purchased until the next inventory cycle.

Additional Game Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reinforcement issue which happened when trying to use reinforcements for partially filled Clan Castles while the previous CC request was still open.
  • Fixed a reinforcement bug which happened when opening the reinforcement screen while having low Troops in the Clan Castle after doing a partial donation for max level Troops.
  • Allow Zap Trap to hits units which are within 2x the trigger radius, like Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines.
  • The cap of 5000 Raid Medals is now correctly enforced. Raid Medals above the cap are converted into gems at the exchange rate of 1 gem per 100 Raid Medals.
  • Fixed an issue with ground unit targeting, primarily with Flame Flinger, that prevented it from targeting the closest Building.
  • Fixed a Troop AI issue which sometimes prevented Troops from noticing a gap between Walls or Cliffs and a Building.
  • Stop Battle Builders from attempting to target Forge and running to the top corner when defending while Builders were Forge crafting.
  • Builder Base resource costs were incorrectly rounded when the 15-20% Builder perk is active.
  • Invisibility Spell will now apply its effects immediately to spawned and units created by Clone Spell when spawned inside an active Invisibility Spell area.
  • Legend League loot for players below Town Hall level 11 has been increased.
  • Scenery Changes:
    • Shadow Scenery has new custom ambient sound and music.
    • Clan Capital Airship and Forge positions and brightness have been adjusted for the Shadow Scenery.
    • Clan Capital Airship and Forge positions have been adjusted for the Epic Jungle Scenery.
    • Builder Base Boat and Ship positions have been adjusted for the Epic Jungle Scenery.
    • Capital Airship and Forge positions have been adjusted for the Tiger Mountain Scenery.
    • Builder Base Boat and Ship positions have been adjusted for the Tiger Mountain Scenery.
    • Tiger Mountain Scenery camera bounds have been adjusted so more of the Scenery is visible.
    • Pumpkin Graveyard Scenery now uses the Halloween ambient sound and music.
    • Snow Day Scenery now uses the Winter ambient sound and music.
    • Epic Winter Scenery now uses the Winter ambient sound and music.
  • Support for low-end sound is removed. All devices will now use the high-end sound.
  • Fixed an issue with the deploy area of Hidden Mega Tesla.
  • Fixed bugs with the Move All tool in the Clan Capital layout editor when locked decorations are present.
  • Units will not try to search for new targets while in mid-air after being launched by a Push Trap.
  • More accurate z-coordinate for Super Dragon projectile target locating against flying Troops in Clan Capital.
  • Fixed a bug causing Forge’s free crafting to be unintentionally affected by the Gold Pass Builder Boost perk.
  • Fixed Builders sleeping while assigned to the Forge or while upgrading his own Builder Hut.
  • SFX of Blast Bow fixed.
  • Placement of destroyed Blast Bow fixed to match location of the original Building.
  • Fixed the info screen of Capital Heal Spell to display the correct heal amount.
  • Fixed the info screen of Capital Lightning Spell to display the correct damage amount.
  • Fixed an issue with teleporting Villagers when visiting Clan Capital. They will now hurdle over Walls in an effort to avoid destruction if they cannot find an alternate route to their target. Flee little ones! Flee!
  • Fixed a UI issue when opening your Clan view from the War Map causing the Raid Log button to display instead of the War Log button.
  • Added changes to water rendering to add subtle wave effects.
  • Reduce the retargeting delay when entering Jump Spell and when Hidden Tesla pops up in front of troops.
  • Fixed Siege Machine capacity icon in info screens.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to cancel Builder Base Friendly Challenges.
  • Fixed an issue where going to visit last raid weekend attacking/defending raid with the same clan as the current raid clan and going straight to attack would go back to wrong map
  • Correctly show the “Visit Capital” button for clans that are Closed and have private War Log

Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker

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