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Introducing the Clash Ninja Stats Tracker

Posted: Wednesday 22 July 2020

The Clash Ninja Stats Tracker is now live on the site and is available for use by everyone as an open beta. This is a performance tracking tool allowing clans and players to record various statistics, primarily focusing on general clan activity and wars.

Why is it in beta?

This new tool has been in development for over 12 months and has gone through various rounds of internal testing, as well as a closed beta test with a larger number of users. This has provided valuable feedback and allowed a number of issues to be discovered and fixed.

Rather than wait until all planned features are complete, an open beta enables launching the tracker in a functional state now, allowing more people to use it. This helps ensure any further issues can be identified and fixed.

This means there may be slow page performance in certain areas, outdated information displayed or server side adjustments made during this time. If you see something that you think is incorrect or a bug, please get in touch.

How do you use it?

Navigate to the Stats Tracker landing page and then search for either a clan or player. If it is the first time the tracker is “seeing” that player or clan, it will perform initial data population and then continue to record statistics for that clan and/or player going forward. If a clan isn’t viewed for a period of time (currently a number of days but may be subject to change going forward), the level of statistics recorded will be reduced until the clan is next viewed. In order for your clan to have a complete set of data, you’ll need to view it on the tracker on a regular basis

If you are logged in to your Clash Ninja account, quick links will be displayed on the Stats Tracker landing page showing villages you have added on the upgrade tracker, players and clans you have added to your favourites and any players you have claimed. Claiming a player allows you to link a village to your Clash Ninja account, providing additional options on the player profile page such as displaying additional details about your village from the Upgrade Tracker. This is an area that will be expanded with additional features going forward.


During the open beta, the main priority will be fixing any issues/bugs that are identified and ensuring solid backend performance. If you think you have discovered a bug, please get in touch so that it can be investigated.

The second priority will be completion of features already in development. There are a number of items that weren’t ready for this launch but didn’t justify postponing it. If you have suggestions for additional features, please get in touch and they may be included for development in the future.

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