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The December 2022 update is live

Posted: Monday 12 December 2022

The December 2022 update for Clash of Clans adds the Super Miner, Skeleton Park district with Graveyard Spell, Inferno Dragon, Mini-Minion Hive and Reflector defenses, plus some balancing changes, fixes and more.

Balance Changes

Some balancing changes have been made:

December 2022 Balance Changes


% Damage has been decreased

  • Level 1: 14% -> 12%
  • Level 2: 15% -> 13%

Spell Tower

Poison Tower attack speed reduction has been reduced from -35% to -25%

Poison Lizard

Target search radius has been increased by 0.5 tiles, making it less likely to ignore nearby units and Heroes.

Clan Capital Skeleton Barrel

HP has been increased

  • Level 1: 500 -> 700
  • Level 2: 600 -> 800
  • Level 3: 700 -> 850
  • Level 4: 800 -> 1050
  • Level 5: 900 -> 1200

Underground Unit Movement

Decrease movement of underground units by 30% when walking above ground. Affects defensive Miners in battles and underground units when visiting Villages.

New Super Troop - Super Miner

The Super Miner is available for Town Hall 13 (once Miners have been researched to level 7). He has a powerful drill that does an increasing amount of damage over time. When defeated, he drops a powerful bomb.

Super Miner

Clan Capital

New Capital District - Skeleton Park

This is a new district that is unlocked once the Capital Hall is upgraded to level 8. A unique feature of this district is the spiky vines that form indestructible barriers in parts of the district. These are fixed in place and cannot be moved or rearranged.

Once this district has been unlocked, your clan will be able to unlock the Inferno Dragon (new Capital Troop), Graveyard Spell (new Capital Spell), Reflector and Mini-Minion Hive (2 new Capital defenses).

Skeleon Park

New Capital Spell - Graveyard Spell

Even after your troops are destroyed, with Graveyard Spell they can still visit chaos and destruction on your enemy’s base. Graveyard Spell is a brand new Spell that unlocks when your Skeleton Park District Hall is upgraded to level 2.

Graveyard Spell will summon Skeletons whenever Troops are defeated even if the defeated Troop is a defending unit. The number of summoned Skeletons depends on the Housing Space of the destroyed Troops. Graveyard Spell will summon 1 Skeleton for every 3 Housing Space worth of Troops defeated. If the defeated Troop is an air unit, Graveyard Spell will summon flying Skeletons instead!

New Capital Troop - Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon has made his way over to your Clan Capital where he’ll wreak untold damage upon your opponents’ Capital Districts. Like his Super Troop version in your Home Village, Inferno Dragon’s attacks do increasing amounts of damage over time.

Inferno Dragon

Capital Player Housing Customization

In this update, players will now have the ability to personalize their Player House, located in your Clan Capital’s Capital Peak.

Each Clanmate will be assigned a single House that is automatically assigned to you when you join a Clan. Leaving a Clan will automatically vacate the slot and an unadorned House will remain in its place.

Players will have a set of unlocked customizations that will be immediately available. You can access new Parts by unlocking them as you gain reputation levels, as well as being able purchase new ones from the Trader, or as potential rewards from challenge events. If you have already acquired a specific component then you will not be able to purchase duplicates of the same item. Any components you’ve acquired will remain with you even if you join another Clan.

You will be able to change the look of your House’s Roof, Walls, Ground, and Decorations. Make it YOUR House.


Clan Capital Leagues

We’ve added a new League ranking system for Capital Raids. Clans will earn Capital Trophies from weekend Raids, and Trophy counts are updated after the Raid event ends. Clans will receive a Raid summary that will also display your Trophy and League changes. This summary will be displayed in the Raid overview screen as well as posted to your Clan’s chat.

Clans are assigned to a League based on that Clan’s Capital Trophies and the Clan earns Clan XP each week based on the League level. Your Clan’s Trophies is determined by 80% of your previous Trophy count plus 20% of new Trophies won. New Trophies are calculated based on your Clan’s total loot, average loot per attack, and average loot per defense.

League Required Trophies Clan XP
Unranked 0 0
Bronze III 200 5
Bronze II 400 10
Bronze I 600 15
Silver III 800 20
Silver II 1000 25
Silver I 1200 30
Gold III 1400 35
Gold II 1600 40
Gold I 1800 45
Crystal III 2000 50
Crystal II 2200 60
Crystal I 2400 70
Master III 2600 80
Master II 2800 90
Master I 3000 100
Champion III 3200 110
Champion II 3500 120
Champion I 3800 130
Titan III 4100 140
Titan II 4400 160
Titan I 4700 180
Legend 5000 200

Capital Leaderboards are now accessible from the Capital map or when visiting a Clan Capital

  • Top 200 global Leaderboard
  • Top 200 local Leaderboard based on Clan’s location

Additionally you Clan’s profile UI will now display more Capital-specific information:

  • Capital League
  • Capital Trophies
  • Capital Hall level
  • Capital upgrade count

Clans will now be able to set different active and defensive layouts.

An upper limit for offensive Raid Medals is implemented to prevent Clans from earning too many Medals when encountering layouts that have been intentionally designed to be easy.


Additional Features

New Seasonal Troop - Ram Rider

Storming her way from the Royale Arena, Ram Rider is the newest seasonal unit who will be available for this Clashmas season. Ram Rider sports a snazzy Clashmas hat as her trusty steed bleats its way to battle.

When deployed, Ram Rider will quickly charge towards the closest Defense and destroy any Walls in her path. Ram Rider’s first hit with her intended target will deal extra damage and will also slow down the target’s attack speed. After the first initial hit she will then continue as a ranged ground unit capable of jumping over Walls.

Ram Rider

Seasonal Spell - Santa’s Surprise

The Santa’s Surprise Spell makes a return. The stats have been bumped and there is an additional level for Town Hall 15 players. There is also now less randomness when the spell is used to make it more reliable.


15 New Single-Player Campaign Levels

15 brand new single-player campaign levels have been added. There levels are gear towards TH13 to 15 players, with the final 5 being specifically balanced for Town Hall 15.

Shovel of Obstacles Upgraded!

There is a big change to how the Shove of Obstacles Magic Item functions. Objects will now become PERMANENTLY moveable once you’ve used a Shovel of Obstacles on that object.

Moveable objects can also be stashed in the layout editor, and can even be placed in different locations for different layouts! However, you should be aware that they cannot be used in War layouts. Additionally, moveable obstacles still count towards the spawned obstacle limit just like all other obstacles - even if they are stashed. It is still possible to permanently remove a moveable object. However, please note that the Shovel of Obstacles is NOT refunded if you permanently remove a moveable obstacle.

New Achievements

Four new achievements have been added:

  • Get Even More Goblins - Earned by completing Single-Player Campaign levels and earning more Stars.
  • Counterspell - Destroy Spell Towers in Multiplayer Battles
  • Monolith Masher - Destroy Monoliths in Multiplayer Battles
  • Ungrateful Child - Defeat M.O.M.M.A on the Single-Player Campaign map.

New Season Challenge Tasks

New Season Challenge tasks for higher level Town Hall players.

  • Use Dragon Riders
  • Use Electro Titans
  • Use Recall Spells
  • Use Stone Slammer
  • Use Siege Barracks
  • Use Log Launcher
  • Use Flame Flinger
  • Use Battle Drill
  • Destroy Spell Towers
  • Destroy Monoliths
  • Destroy Royal Champion Altars

Family-Friendly Clans

  • Family-Friendly Clans can accommodate players under the age of 16, Standard Clans are for players ages 16 and up.
  • When creating a NEW Clan you can decide what kind of Clan to create during the Clan creation process. However, that designation is permanent and cannot be changed.
  • Existing Clans will be automatically assigned a Clan type based on if the Clan contains accounts designated as young players. The Clan Leader will be given a one-time ability to change the Clan’s designation. If the Clan is changed from Family-Friendly to Standard, then any Clan member’s account under the age of 16 will be removed from the Clan without revealing their identity.
  • Chat filtering for Family-Friendly Clans is stricter
  • Young players cannot join and cannot be invited to Standard clans

Chief’s Journey

A new button added to the Town Hall will give you a visual guide of the content you’ve unlocked in previous Town Hall levels as well as provide a preview of new content you will unlock as you progress through the game. This catalog can help players identify when certain features will become accessible as you upgrade your Village!

Game Changes & QOL Improvements

  • Ambient sounds in the Autumn and Winter versions of the classic scenery have been adjusted (fewer bird sounds, etc.)
  • War music track and ambient sounds now play when scouting or editing War base.
  • Royale themed music added to the Royale Scenery.
  • 9th Anniversary scenery party music track added along with more mood-appropriate ambient sounds.
  • Sleep and cheer animations added to the Town Hall 15 Hero Pets.
  • New hit effect sound added for Diggy.
  • Upgrades in the Laboratory, Star Laboratory, or Pet House can be started even while the Building is being upgraded.
  • Trader changes
    • Items that cannot be purchased due to storage limitations are grayed out.
    • Allow partial claiming of free Resources from Trader if the amount claimed would fill your Storages.
    • Add popup when trying to partially claim free Resources.
  • Decrease movement of underground units by 30% when walking above ground. Affects defensive Miners in battles and unground units when visiting Villages.
  • Hero Skin shadows will follow the Hero during the animation in the Skin preview screen.
  • Disable Hero Skin rotation during animation in all preview screens where rotation was possible.
  • Improvements to the Capital prioritization user experience.
  • Selecting a Battle Builder Hut will highlight buildings in the area of its healing effect.
  • Loot from clearing Santa’s Surprise presents has been reduced from 5000 to 1000 each since brewing Spells no longer has an Elixir cost.
  • Seeding strength for Silver, Gold, and Master leagues in the CWL has been increased to avoid too many demotions for Clans entering the CWL for the first time.
  • Capital water effect slightly tweaked.
  • Accuracy of Capital bonus calculations increased to account for Barbarians used in Battle Ram and Siege Cart.
  • Added a Clan Capital "reputation level up splash" to notify you when your Capital reputation has increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Damage for Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Battle Machine special abilities when activated has been fixed.
  • Avoid flying out of the play area if possible when targeting an object near the play area ledge.
  • Prevent defensive Clan Capital units from getting stuck if they happen to be on top of an open gate when an attack ends.
  • Exit layout editor before processing deeplinks.
  • Fixed copy layout to copy modes of buildings under construction.
  • Fix Poison Tower incorrectly highlighting buildings after spell is selected
  • Always end battle automatically if Electro Titan was the last unit remaining. Previously it would not always happen.
  • Adjusted a minor inaccuracy in the damage of enraged Scattershots.

Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker

If you are looking for a tool to show you remaining upgrades for your village and help you plan your upgrade order, check out the Clash Ninja Upgrade Tracker.

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