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Clash with Haaland Event

Posted: Monday 06 May 2024

The Clash with Haaland event is here. This event has a football theme and adds a time limited troop and spell. This event is available for players who are Town Hall 6 or higher.


Event Starts

Event Ends

Trader Ends

New Event Resource: Footballs

By raiding other players villages in Multiplayer Battles, you’ll be able to collect Footballs and progress along the event reward track. Footballs are gainedby destroying Town Halls and three other buildings randomly selected from the following defenses: Cannons, Archer Towers, or Inferno Towers in each attack. These three buildings will be randomly selected.

Training Camp

Throughout the event the Football Camp will be present on the north west side of your village where you can collect additional Footballs (100 per day) and access the event reward track.

Clash with Haaland: Event Hub

As you collect more Footballs, you progress along the event track, unlocking rewards along the way including Golden Boot Medals, Ores and cosmetics for your village.

Reward Track

Epic Hero Equipment: Spiky Ball

This event introduces a new epic equipment for the Barbarian King: Spiky Ball. This is an active equipment that launches a ball that strikes nearby buildings.

Spiky Football

New Event Troop: Giant Thrower

Giant Thrower throws a powerful bouncing football toward the closest building, then starts attacking any remaining defenses.

Giant Thrower

New Event Spell: Yellow Card

Yellow Card Spell suspends targeted building or Hero temporarily. They can’t attack or be targeted while suspended.

Yellow Card Spell

Clash with Haaland: Event Pass

An Event Pass is available to boost the amount of Ore and Golden Boot Medals you can get by enabling you to claim the rewards from the premium reward track. The Event Pass is available from the Supercell Store enabling you to purchase multiple and/or gift them to other players. As before, it will also be available to purchase in game. As before, it will also be available to purchase in game.

Use the links above to support the site when purchasing the Event Pass with Code: Ninja

Event Pass

Reward Track

Similar to the Gold Pass, there are two reward tracks, with the free reward track being shown along the bottom and the premium reward track along the top. The following rewards are available:

Amount of Footballs Free Rewards Event Pass Rewards
100 100 Golden Boots 20 Glowy Ore
300 15% Training Boost 500 Golden Boots
600 1000 Shiny Ore 20 Glowy Ore
1000 Giant Thrower 1050 Golden Boots
1500 150 Golden Boots 40 Glowy Ore
2000 30% Training Boost 500 Golden Boots
2500 1200 Shiny Ore 40 Glowy Ore
3000 Yellow Card Spell 1050 Golden Boots
3500 350 Golden Boots 40 Glowy Ore
4000 15 Glowy Ore 500 Golden Boots
4750 1300 Shiny Ore 40 Glowy Ore
5500 15 Glowy Ore 10 Starry Ore
6250 400 Golden Boots 60 Glowy Ore
7000 30 Glowy Ore Victory Milk deco
7750 1500 Shiny Ore 60 Glowy Ore
8500 100 Glowy Ore 15 Starry Ore
9250 450 Golden Boots 70 Glowy Ore
10000 45 Glowy Ore 600 Golden Boots
11000 500 Golden Boots 70 Glowy Ore
12000 150 Shiny Ore 20 Starry Ore
13000 550 Golden Boots 80 Glowy Ore
14000 45 Glowy Ore 800 Golden Boots
15000 600 Golden Boots 80 Glowy Ore
16000 Football Camp Deco 35 Starry Ore

Bonus Reward Track

Once you’ve completed the main reward track, it will be possible to complete the bonus track where you can earn additional rewards. This bonus reward track unlocks only once you’ve completed the entire free reward track.

Additional Football Collected Bonus Reward
1000 130 Golden Boots
2000 130 Golden Boots
4000 130 Golden Boots
6000 130 Golden Boots
8000 130 Golden Boots
11000 130 Golden Boots
14000 130 Golden Boots
17000 130 Golden Boots
20000 130 Golden Boots
24000 130 Golden Boots
28000 130 Golden Boots
32000 130 Golden Boots

Total Resources

To complete the event, the following totals are required:

Main reward Track Bonus Reward Track Total
16,000 Footballs 32,000 Footballs 48,000 Footballs

The following Golden Boot Medals are available:

Main Reward Track Bonus Reward Track Total
Free Rewards 3,100 1,560 4,660
Event Pass 5,000 - 5,000

Be sure to keep an eye on the Clash Ninja social media accounts for bonus Golden Boot Medals during the event:


Trader’s Event Tab

Once you have collected some Super Medals, the Trader will be more than happy to take them off your hands in exchange for the Fireball Epic Equipment, Ores, decorations or Magic Items.

Trader Tab
Item Golden Boots # Purchasable
Spiky Ball Epic Equipment 3100 1
Football Archer Queen Skin 4650 1
Starry Ore 320 6
Glowy Ore 280 10
Shiny Ore 325 40
Deco #1: Bestest Ball 1025 1
Deco #2: Golden Boot 1025 1
Deco #3: Triumphant Trophy 1025 1
Rune of Builder Elixir 3100 2
Rune of Builder Gold 3100 2
Rune of Elixir 3100 2
Rune of Gold 3100 2
Book of Spells 1900 2
Book of Building 1900 2
Book of Fighting 1900 2
Book of Heroes 1030 2
Shovel of Obstacles 1030 2
Builder Potion 590 6
Wall rings 5x 515 6
Power Potion 310 6
Research Potion 250 6
Pet Potion 250 6
Builder Star Jar 200 6
Resource Potion 240 6
Clocktower Potion 150 6
Training Potion 50 6
Haaland roof 515 1
Haaland House Roof 515 1
Haaland House Walls 515 1
Haaland House Ground 515 1
Gold 90K 15 10
Elixir 90K 15 10
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