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The Clash Ninja App

Posted: Sunday 26 July 2020

Since the Clash Ninja site launched, the most common request has been for there to be a Clash Ninja mobile app. Although the site has supported running as a Web App on mobile devices since the beginning, there were a number of areas that needed optimising, so this support wasn’t publicly announced.

The Clash Ninja site has now been updated to function as an installable PWA (Progressive Web App), enabling you to install it on your device (mobile, tablet or desktop) and use the site with a native app feel.

Get the Clash Ninja App

Changing the start screen

By default when using the app, a new start screen will be displayed listing a number of links for each section of the site. If you are logged into your Clash Ninja account, you can change the default start screen to a number of options. This can be done by tapping on “App Settings” at the bottom of the default start screen, by going to “My Account” and then “App Settings” or using the button below:

App Settings

Questions & Answers

What platforms are supported?

The app is available for all modern mainstream browsers on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. This includes mobile and desktops, and possibly other devices running those operating systems.

Will I still be able to access my account and settings?

Yes, once you have opened the app, simply log in as you usually would with your Clash Ninja account and all of your details will be there. The app can be used alongside the website on multiple devices.

I don’t want to use an app. Can I continue to use the website anyway?

Absolutely, this is entirely optional.

Will it work offline?

No, due to most of the processing and calculations still being handled by the Clash Ninja servers, an active internet connection will be required for the app to function.

Will it be in the App Store/Google Play/other stores?

No, at this time it will not appear as an app within the various app stores. It is installed directly from the Clash Ninja site, enabling updates to be rolled out immediately, avoiding the need to wait for the various app stores to approve updates, which cause unnecessary delays.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is using web based technology introduced and supported by the mainstream browser developers. Due to being web based, it avoids the need to be distributed by an app marketplace.

Will the app receive updates and new features as quickly as the website?

Yes, the app still uses the same codebase as the website so any new features added there will appear within the app without needing to wait for separate updates.

I currently use the Web App, do I need to change anything?

The Web App will continue to function without any action needed, however it may be worth switching to the PWA app to take advantage of the PWA features and to ensure any future updates function correctly.

To switch to the PWA app, tap and hold your current shortcut for the Clash Ninja site and remove it. Then follow the steps above to install the PWA.


If you have feedback or encounter any issues, get in touch using the usual channels:

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