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Account overview feature enters early access

Posted: Monday 22 March 2021

A new "Overview" feature has been added to the Upgrade Tracker landing page that displays the active upgrades for all of your villages in a single list, as well as another list showing when the next builder and lab is free for all of your villages.

What is it?

A common feature request I receive is to add something that allows people with multiple villages to easily see which of their upgrades are completing next without needing to check each village one by one. This addition should provide this information to those users.

These timers are automatically set when you mark active upgrades for each of your villages on the upgrade tracker, so no additional data entry or information is required to use them. The villages are ordered by the shortest time remaining and the shortest timer is marked in bold, so highlight if the next builder or lab will be ready first.

Why is it marked as "early access"?

In recent months, I’ve been working on new features and then before they are complete, something else requires my attention and the new feature ends up stuck in limbo, delaying it being launched. Quite often, these new features are usable and would provide helpful information to users, but either there are additional features that I wanted to implement or I’m unsure if it fully hits the mark.

This feature is one that has been on my future ideas list for a long time, being requested on an increasingly frequent basis while I thought about how I wanted to implement it. Instead of spending any further time being indecisive about it, I’ve decided to build an initial version and push it out, even if it requires some changes or additions.

This initial version only includes Home Village upgrades as usually this is the primary focus for players. If you think Builder Base upgrades should be included, let me know. Another consideration is how maxed villages should be handled. At the moment, they appear on the villages list showing available builders and lab, but this information isn’t that useful as there isn’t anything for them to upgrade anyway.

There is another highly requested feature that is close to being ready for early access release also. If this approach to releasing new features works well, I’ll look to do the same for future releases to get them launched sooner.


I’m always interested to hear feedback and ideas to improve the tools on the site and I rely on user input to let me know what features you want the most, which helps me prioritise what I work on next. If you have any feedback about the overview feature or anything else, please get in touch:

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